After attending two of the live training courses, I have found myself being more towards the tops of the tournament fields that I enter, when I am paying attention lol.  I do sometimes find myself making bad moves due to the fact that I am not entirely focussed on what I am doing.  These training sessions have turned my game around.  I have not played in any PSO events since the first session, but I am going to start next month and make a run for some money.  In real buy-in games, I am having more success than the "freeroll" PSO type tournaments.  If you are one of these people that complain about "donkies" in the PSO, deposit some money and play a real game, and if you dont do any good there, there might just be flaws in your game you are not being able to look at or even recognize.  I know I saw alot of flaws in my game after I actually took a real hard look at it.