And sorry to DONKEYSPIKER I am borrowing his name, it just kinda fits the topic lol.  Hope your not offended.

To my fellow PSO mates.  
            This is the start of what I think will benefit us all.  Hopefully I can get someone to read this and pass it along. 

We all know that PSO is filled to the gullet with "DONKIES" and the new breed of "SUPERDONKIES".  I hope that by now we are all a little bit purturbed by the beats that they lay down each and every day.  THIS IS THE END.  ( Hopefully lol&nbsp:wink:

I have realized that loose players have been getting called by some questionable hands, along with the calls that should be made.  The fact of the matter is though, that if the questionable calls were eliminated against loose players, they would not make that much of an impact upon the better calls because the chipstacks of the looser players would be drastically altered.  Example : Loose player raises all-in mid position with 38o, dealer calls with 98o, and the loose player ends up winning. Ok bad enough right??? 
       Then a player gets AA and moves all in preflop, well now Mr. Loose has him covered and can call without being taken out, this is a position that I think alot of loose players love.  Loose player calls and busts aces. 

Lets say that 89o never called the looser player.  Then the aces had a shot to get him to fold being that he was at risk to being eliminated.  Or the stack of the loose player was only half the size of the AA, and therefore did not take them out, And another player can bust the looser players because the calls will not be for their tournament life.

So with all this being said ( if anyone is still reading this&nbsp:wink: , I would like to know how anyone else feels about this new theory, and if anyone is going to participate.  Going on tilt happens, and tilt happens more often with loose players at the table, lets all get out there and do something about this type of player.  No sense in crying about it anymore, the time for action is at hand.  If you see a player making questionable calls ( 10jo, 910o&nbsp:wink: against a loose player, please tell them about the call and how it affects the effect of the "DONKEY" the rest of they tournament.  I think this is completely possible with all the people that actually want to improve their games. 

   Feel free to let me know what you think about this, leave a comment about how you think this might work or never work.  Or leave the name of the loose players and why they should be considered a "DONKEY"

I truly think if enough people read this, and actually think about it, that the PSO will be a diffferent place and more enjoyable place for all.