Yet again, 2500-6000 blinds i have aj clubs in small blind, i raise to 24000 big blind pushes 50000 i call, big blind has ace 4 off, what comes out on the flop all three outs for the 29%er, 444 flop, I MEAN COME THE %@$# ON.  What do I have to do to place higher than mid in a tourney? I out play almost every hand, and still river kills on 4 outers, three outers, and runner runner with all in on flop or pre flop.  This does not make any sense.  Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?  How can putting my money in over 75% every hand lose everytime?  I actually know why, and thats why Pokerstars needs to revamp this random car generator because it seems to me that it always picks the only out another player has to win.
I dont think in all the PSO's or other tourneys I have played in the last 2 Months, that I have been behind in a hand in which I am all in but seem never to get the big W.  Everyhand has either had a crappy draw I.E. inside draw, Or has been a Monster Chip stack calling just to call with 24 off.  I wish Pokerstars would look through Hand histories and find the worst beats cause I can almost guarantee that most of them would come from my Histories.