I usually love getting called with a hand that has to "catch up" to win, but lately all the catch up hands actually get there on the river. I have had trips to straights on the flops, and playing aggressive at the pot to get caught on the river with runner runner flushes and straights.  I think my playing needs a tune up to try and avoid these situations, but still it is hard to get away from kk with k39 rainbow flop when two all in before me.  But sadly a 25 usually goes all in on tilt or just being dumb and catches 46, part of the game yes, frustrating - most definately.  I think the most prevalent part of online poker is waiting until the loose players are gone to actually play even if you have rockets, FOLD THEM preflop, wait an hour before playing any hands all in, try to just limp and call if you win good if not your still in and will outlast the loose players almost all the time. Like my previous post DO NOT GET MARRIED TO A HAND, when you do you do not see the other possibilities out there and will mostly lose 100% of the time.