The first thing that I have noticed playing in the PSO or superfreeroll tourneys is that players complain about having a monster hand only to lose to a mediocre or "bad" hand.  Some examples : kk preflop all in after 4 all in in front and 3 calls behind by "loose" players.  There are 13 "values" that can flop. Just because your hand is best preflop doesnt mean that a loose cannon cant hit a 23 off, or a 56 off.  It happens alot and when alot of players in a pot preflop it happens more. Players need to learn to let go of some hamds that might be considered "monsters" but with almost everyhand at the table in the pot becomes a loser 90% of the time.  I alos have noticed rockets going all in on the flop after a pre flop raise and a pair flops, i.e. qq, kk, 1010, 44, and then complain that aces lose.  With alot of  players in preflop the odds that a low card hitting a pair if a pair does hit the flop extends greatly. If you want to win DO NOT GET TO COMMITTED TO A HAND, and i cant put it any other way.