Hi Guys it has been a couple of weeks now since i have done a blog so i will update you a little on what has been going on and also i want to talk about ettiquette in the game we love some much. 

So last week i finally made it back to Ireland from Australia. it could not have come sooner for my wife and i. Two days before we were due to leave there was a knock on our door and as my wife went to answer it a meth addled scumbag forced his way into the house pushing my wife off a door, thankfuly i was there and managed to hold him by the neck till the cops arrived understanding it took every part of my being not to become a murderer that day. my wife is ok but obviously traumatised hasnt been sleeping that well and often gets frightened which is understandable but she is home now and staying with family so she is getting back to her old self. Part of me regrets not hurting him which in my heart i know that isnt right as it comes from a place of hatred and hate i believe we all discover when someone hurts someone we love. 

Two days after that we left and what a journey it was. Flew from adelaide to melbourne arrived late and then had to rush to get our flight in the next terminal only just made it. Got to fly on the new A380 that is a cool plane. 13 hours later we arrived in abu dhabi and had a short wait before our last 8 hour leg into dublin. first flght was fine downside is i can never sleep on planes and i am envious of anyway that can. 

So I arrive in dublin and this is where life gets fun welcome home you might say. Patiently waiting at baggage collection to be told our bags had been left in melbourne, delightful i then proceed to collect my hire car as we were late and i need to collect our dog who had been travelling for 3 days and left ahead of us only to then be told that due to a problem on the hire car companys end they would not release it to us, fantastic they didnt particually feel the need to help us at all but did offer to hire us a new car at full price after prepaying the first one. so into a taxi it was off to collect the puppy at last some joy and cuddles were had it had only been 3 days but to a dog lover you know its an eternity. back in the taxi and off to the bus station joy had to do a little begging to get the dog on the bus but the driver was very understanding to the day we had and i am very greatful so the bus left and shortly after it broke down honestly you could not make this stuff up. we were dropped off at a petrol station outside the airport no less haha full circle i was laughing at this stage and they organsied a replacement bus. Saved the bus arrived! so off to sunny old athlone (the weather was awful no suprise) then we were informed the bus we were on had to return to dublin so we were dropped off and given our third and thankfully final bus. we made it sitting in my wifes mothers house and a bottle of wine deep in no time and with two days of no sleep the wine worked all the better. its been a week now and were settled back in no more fears of poker bans or meth addicts. it is strange been back as it has been a number of years for me and though some may judge me for this i am far from the most patrotic person out there. 

Next topic ettiquette, this is very important to me, i love this game as i am sure everyone in this school feels the same way so when i see the darker sides of the game i love and such breaches of ettiquette it actually (a) offends me and (b) upsets me. i just dont understand the need for it. I know diva has been speaking about the abuse they have witnessed so i will just tell you some of my experiences. 

Intentionally slow play, I have no time for this and have no respect who does it you are pathetic and i please stop playing my game. this may sound extreme but i first of all understand the use of a tactic in a satelitte situation approaching the seat bubble and i have no issue with that as it is a valid form of play. What i have a problem with however is players who just dont want to play in a league format and are still a long way from the bubble and they tank fold every hand and i mean every single hand the moment they are sat out they immediately click im back, i do not understand this  even. if you are one of these people and sit on a table with me be warned i will report you and stars do take it very seriously. it does not keep with the spirt nor the integrity of the game. 

The next issue i would like to address is name calling. 

Grow up you silly little children, The first instance this week where i was repeatly called a donkey was in a league event we were down to the last 40 players and you are never deep in these events so stacks are going up and down so stealing is important to keep yourself going i had been card dead for a while and in a single orbit i dropped from 42k-26k due to the blinds and antes which was a round 4k big blind so it folds to be on the button and the blinds are of similar stack size to me. so needing an oppertunity to get some chips i shove for the steal, now just so you know i have been very particular in what hands i had allowed to go to showdown so i had a good image but player arent really thinking past their own two cards so i go for the steal iad 3/7 off by the way. i got snapped called by A/7 off which in a league event and deep into the points that pretty bloody loose considering the cards i have allowed to showndown have been very strong but again most players arent thinking past their own two. anyway we suck out into a split. i then get repeatly called a donkey which was stupid as it was a valid move my steal attempt with in those circumstances i got called it happens i think my steal has more merit then her calling me down with A7o in a league event. plus i just dont think its needed the names 

the next incdient involves me getting called and idiot repeatly oh i do block these people and they get a label. 

ok i am going to go through this hand but i want to give you some info on the table first as it will help you understand my thinking which was correct at the time. 

This is the same tournament as the above hand different table. they table was uper tight at the time the big blind often getting total walks and full of limpers which is why i opened UTG for what you will tell me is way too loose. i would agree but again my table image was strong i was getting respect. the bb was tilted and weak which is important to note as i was taking chips off him so i wanted to be in hands with him in position. so hands are as follows 

High School League Blinds (1000/2000)

UTG(HERO) 77 opens for 2. to 4200  (Stack Size 42k Approx)

Folds to the BB (Villian) defends.  (Stack size 36k Approx )

Flop comes 5,6,2 rainbow 

Villian Checks, Hero bets 70% pot 

Villian Min raises, (he has often does this as a bluff so i know at best he is drawing he is very loose and i am often way ahead of his range here from my observations on him the min raise is also a common move in league from the blind in defence against an normal c bet that should not be hitting an UTG range)

Hero moves all in  villian calls, hero turns 77 villian turns over 89o for a gutshot, my read was correct on the villian 

Turn Bricks

Rivers 7 completing his gutshot. 

I played this hand due to table conditions and a good read that was accurate. I lost it happens i was happy with how i played the hand i am then called an idiot repeatly by the person who defended with off suit connecters min raised as a bluff with a gut shot and called a jam on top of it he sucked out. 

The point i am making is i do not have time for this behaviour and have no respect for players who act like this its also funny the players i find like this are usually bottom of he leaderboard. 

It is disapointing to see. 

to end on a good note however i did when my first bracelet in event 4 and i came second in the highroller second is awful place to finish haha but it wasa bit of a cooler straight on straight and we wer equal stacked i was 4k under. thats how it goes but played really well in that tourney and came 4th in another event as well as another final table so i have been playing well which is encouraging and i keep seeing my game improved and the total fish moments i have are getting less and less. 

All the best guys 

Talk soon