So its been awhile since i have written i was hoping to do it more and make this nearly like my journal for the year highlightening my journey,  so what have i been up too. 


First i offically shut down my business so thats a weight off me it was affecting my game too so i actually have played extremely little and choose to just sit and study instead which was good as it was emotional time for my wife and i and i was finding myself easily tilted and reckless which i am not normally so. So into the books the videos and reviewing old sessions i went which has been very rewarding. identify plenty of leaks silly play and areas where i can improve for sure. there is a nice feeling in seeing your self progress in knowledge and attiude. 

I remained in the high school league which was thanful for only started playing league in april and got my promotion but i havent really had internet either so i think i only played a very small number of times not even 8 i think but i placed high in half of them so i kept myself in the high school league so this month i can put more focus into playing well consistatly. 

So currently i am living in adelaide australia and some of you may know that they have banned online poker here its due to come into effet in the next couple months, though they are trying to protest it the government have put it on the same level as online casinos which i dont think anyone here would agree with. So as i am irish orginally and the business is finished we have packed our bags and were are returning home. I am pretty excited to get on the UKIPT tour and i have a  friend of mine  who is big on the tour. I am playing in my first multi day Live pokerstars festival next month in Galway Ireland so i am really looking forward to that. Just going to play ABC and see how i go. Mostly enjoy it. 

I recently played a live satelitte for the Aussie Millions, I had one a $5 Sat into a $40 sat into the $200 main sat. it would have been amazing to win a seat but i busted out 17th i think. It was a live hyper tourney 30k starting stack with starting blinds of 100/200 set to be complete with in 4 hours so its intense, I played well was happy with that there was no antes so it takes a lot of pressure off and early levels i dont really fight for my blinds. Took advantage in CO once with 66 most of the table limped there was a lot of pasive play so i got a really good price to Set Mine and the flop came AAJ so im ready to muck but the whole table checks around again, Noone had an ace and i began to think i was a ahead, total brick on the turn it begins to check around again till one lady who i already noted was weak and liked to just bet for the sake of it bet 3400 into the 3600 pot which was a decent bet but i had a good live read and honestly was going to fold but they way she played the hand i did not believe she had anything especially with looking back seeing what she was limping it, it was definetly a plus EV situation to call then the river another total brick and she makes this tiny 1/4 bet into the pot it reeked of fear and weakness and i new i was good,  i didnt want to raise as hey i could be wrong and i had showdown value so i call she insta mucks and i dont even have to show. I read her well and her playing history is what gave me the confidence to call. 

The one good thing about my table was my own personal fish honestly i cant stand the woman she talks a big game but has no clue and then tries to teach people poker, best part was she kept showing everything she played. get this and this was as good as her playing face up. if she had KQ KJ the raise was always 3x plus 100chip if she had Ax it was min rasie no idea why, and if she had pocket pair it was standard 3x and she showed every hand every time. my own personal atm, she began to avoid playing with me then as she was losing chips to me, she would constantly call preflops raises and would never get past the flop so heads up i use C bet 100% of the time against her. Then becasue i never show the rants starting the oh you always luck out or your bluffing and i just sit there but when people get aggressive towards me saying im bluffing my answer is just if your so convinceed you should have called but there just tryign to get you to show for their own peace of mind. I have a funny story about her actually, during the $5 tourney that was fast and and short we got a 3k starting stack and blinds started 50/100 and doubled each time, i had doubled up quickly i tend to play very aggressviely in those types of games. i knew she was weak and it folded to me and she was in the BB so i open for a standard rasie i had absoule trash like 4/2 off i think but my stealing was woeking close to 90% especially since i was a big stack. she min raises me then mostly due to the fact that she was sick of e but whatever she called my bluff so i do the 1,2,3 muck. she loses it at me starts going on "just a little advice for you if some raises you should always call to the see the flop" Why would i piss more chips away on a hand i know im behind and would need to suck out on to win for a bet that would cost me 2/3 of a starting stack you do that 3 times and your short stack or out. anyway i won that so whatever.

Anyway back to the satelitte. This hand may interest you and wouldnt mind a few points on it if you were so inclined, I know i would change it differently but i ll talk you through the hand firs then ill tell you what i wouldve done differently after studying the hand later. 

OK Im UTG and look down at AA wohoo go me right before the silent prayer we all say to make them hold so the blinds are 400/800 so i open for my standard 3x to 2400 and the +1 flats me ok some action that what we want and i am not worried she limps all the times and calls rereaises all the time ive never seen the woman fold preflop if she has any money in or any high card. a few players have started giving me respect so it folds around to russell in the BB oh russell the Killer, he can play poker he has wide range but he has been playing these style of tourneys for a long time fast moving levels with big blind jumps so he does well but just some histoy on him he was playing super tight i have been watching him fold his blinds constantly regardless of pot odds and he flat calls me preflop so that peaked my interest  i was expecking him to muck and be heads up with this one. the flop comes down 676 rainbow, Im thinking that could be a good board for me, now russell bets out which caught me off gaurd and he bets 3400 out of his remaining 19k stack im sitting around 45k by the way. and now im lost he could have a 7 or he could just be donkbetting in the hope we have missed, im looking at his stack thinking just over 15k behind so SPR wasnt awful either but still had the other lady act behind. So i debated shoving but i talked myself into a call (this is where i think i made a mistake i should have shoved to isolate forcing her to fold and if russell was bluffing he would have folded or if he calls and i lose i only lose that 15k and i am still in good shape and if i am behind i still have outs, I couldnt take him off 6/7 suited it was well within his calling range from the blinds. I havent run it through an equity calulator but i will today but looking back i think it would be a positve considering what i could win in chips if i shove and knocking a player out. especially with how rapidly blinds go up. example when the blinds are 500/1000 they was 3000/6000 in 30 mins thats a big jump) anyway back to the hand so i flat call also thinking that if i am ahead and improve i could get all his chips like i said already i think this was a mistake but then our lady friend min raises, first of all a min raise i thought was a bad rasie size as she was on equal stack to mine but i still saw strength and again couldnt take her off something like A6 well with in her range too. then russell shoves. I nearly throw up i am looking at my AA thinking i shoulve have shoved first but with a rasie then after my call she reraises then he shoves i figure i am in bad shape, now like i said i am happy to get it in with russell but with her raise and with being equal stack to mine i couldnt see her folding at the time so sadly i muck my aces which i believe was the right move then after that action and i only lost 6k in chips so im still above starting stack but then she folds i couldnt blieve it and shows her QQ thankfully russell didnt show or i might have been totally was an interesting hand but i think i should have shoved after russell donkbet, what do you think?

anwyay about 40 mins after i busted Top two against an over pair which ran into a straight. there was three hearts on the board so i shove for 2/3 of his remaing stack but cant blame him for calling with a over pair KK and one of them being a heart. Oh well thats poker so then i hit the bar my second favourite activity i dont mix the two though.

I think thats everything next time you hear from me ill be back in ireland so talk to you next time.


Just did some quick calculations in regards to aforementioned hand, After putting the situation into the odds caluclator and assuming my shove would have forced the +1 to fold i was a 74% favourite against Russells big blind range which was healthy, So roughtly its Plus EV of $17,000 so yup should have shoved, Woud be printing money in the long run and if the +1 had stayed against her range its looking at +EV 37500. these are just quick caluctions based on releative stack size not exact but its easy to see i shouldve gotten my chips in before giving the +1 a chance to raise.