I meant to do this every week but life has been a little crazy last few weeks. just to fill you in. 




-I was forced to close a restaurant due to losing a legal battle with our landlords

-I moved house and possibly could be moving back to europe at the end of the month. which wouldnt be awful as in australia they are banning online poker. Also im going to get on the UKIPT

-the search for a part time job to support my poker. i am a fairly good earner in my local card room so i havent gone bust yet. 


Thankfully i won a couple of local freerolls so i built another small bankroll and was able to keep the builds paid. 

so where am i in my poker dreams. 

I am moving forward i have been seeing my game improve so much the last few weeks. I found myself always making excuses while playing micro stakes because it is such a fish pond and it is true to an extent but i got over that and brought all the knowelage i had been studying and just adapted.   it is true that passive poker is losing poker and bet sizing and ranges is so important but what is just as important is adpating to your table and really studying how a person plays. 

So i have been picking one person to start and studying how they play i have built up a library of good notes and this has really helped give me and edge in being able to outplay them. understanding there thinking is the key to stealing there chips 

due to this i have been running consistantly deep and really feel on form in my game. I have also noticed its one thing knowing that you should open with a 3 bet whats a c-bet and all that but its another to really understand that and adapting that into your game. knowing when to C-bet is very important i often see people c betting 100 percent of the time on every flop and that makes them so exploitable your betting need to build a story.

I have kept up with my study and started playing less. after which i have been taking key hands and studying and looking for leaks and areas where i could have extracted more value or lost the least. i have really improved my game in playing early position which is so difficult and trying to keep the pot under control. also upon recommendation i have been working my way through daves video libray which has been an amazing resource. 

I have had a couple monsterous bad beats too. i uploaded one to boom and also to lees thread today. i had 88 in the BB UTG flat calls 20 +2 4x raises to 80 adequate bet size with the call before the an MP calls so right now there is 317 in the pot so so im getting nearly 5-1 to make the call so i call the extra 60 and the flop comes 5K8 rainbow. so i know im good at this stage as i am only losing to a set of Ks but that was unlikely. then the hand gets weird.  i check being out of position, the UTG  raises 60 into 357 so he is already noted as total fish, the +2 3 bets him to 299 and i go and reraise to 976 after the MP folds. UTG snaps all in, the +2 snap calls so im all in i know im ahead and i have good odds to call now and i am commited. the UTG turns over A6o confirming the fish note the +2 rolls over AK of hearts which makes perfect sense and which is what i had him ranged on. so im happy out comfirming im good i played the hand well and then my face drops as the fish totally sucks out and goes runner runner straight. Im quickly off to make a sacrafice to the poker gods but i didnt let it tilt me in the long run im making money and they will never make a cent with that play so thats just what i keep reminding meself and though it does little to sooth you, you remind yourself in the long run you want them making those moves and it leads to +EV for you. So i played the hand well i lost but in the ling run im a winner so we sucked it up and went again. I'll post the hand below too 

so last month i started playing league for the first time was top 700 for most of it but then didnt relaise i was only allowed 52 so i didnt make the most of my games but finsished top 1500 got my preomotion to high school which is a much better level of game and much more enjoyable so currently ranked top 80 in that. 

So its been a good couple poker weeks really feel myself improving but as i keep saying poker rewards those who work the hardest. Im studying 3-4 hours per day and playing roughly 2-3 of poker  plus i do alot of video and watching it. its going good. 

im still trudging down that road to monte carlo getting closer every day. Till next time