I will play the pso more, like the daily 10am (first game, ) this month.  Not because I need the money but because I need to get myself in the playing mindset needed to be successful later in the day.

  I have been surprised at how quickly I can pick up bad habits and how  costly it can become.   The one thing necessary to be successful in a "real"  poker game is time management,  and it is the quickest thing to not do.  Success easily leads to a confidence that can become arrogance that it is easy to beat the real world games.  Playing in the pso brings one back to earth as to how much attention and effort is required to be successful in the real world. 

I did get my gold star rating but don't be intimidated by it,   I still have to make good decisions to be successful.  I plan to make silver this month ,  haven't decided whether to make the effort (read  as spend the money ) to make gold.