This month has been one of balancing.   I want to make gold star without depleting my BR.  This has requird that I keep a close eye on my BR,  track carefully what cash games I win and lose at,  and probably the most important is not to let my self tilt with the suckouts inherent to limit games and just as important is not to let myself get full of myself when I hit a good run of cards.  In short, maintain stone cold emotions.

In game selection, what game,  NLHE, LIMIT HE, OH/L, PLOH/L and at what stakes, smaller stakes with multiple tables  or higher stakes at one table.   Each of these questions had to be asked and I had to pay find the answers.  Some of those answers got expensive which then brought up the question of bankroll size and how much more I could do before I had to shut it down and rebuild the BR.

The hardest thing of all was maintaining an HONEST evaluation process.  It is only natural to want to sugar coat our play and not  give it candid evaluation, but that would be a recipe for disaster.   I think a lot of people who lose their BR do so not so much because of bad play on their part but because of bad or dishonest evaluation of their play by themselves.

You can bluff, lie to and be dishonest with the other players within the realm of the game,  but to lie to yourself about your own game is the relegate oneself to be a perpetual loser.