Needless to say since the 26th my poker life has been altered dramatically.  I have won a net of nearly $1800.   The most gratifying is that after the biggie,  I have played solid enough to cash in 3 of the 4 daily 40k that I have played and am 1 for 2 on the   Deep Stack  $11 noonish tourney.

Since I have enuff bankroll to play those 2 tourneys every day for a month without having to worry,  I plan play only the minimum pso league games this month.   So don't anyone worry about not seeing me there,  I am alive and well and will be aroung in the night owls and Cowboy games.
It is the skills that I have learned here that have propelled me to where I am today.   One thing I have found out and have been surprised by it,  is how much money I have squandered by playing rashly and impatiently AFTER the bubble bursts as opposed to taking all my time and waiting for good hands to play. I have in the past played litterly any decent cards in the hopes of a double up and a deeper run,  now I bide my time and watch others get knocked out doing that and wait for a premium hand to play,   all the while moving up the pay scale.

Hope this helps you all.