Today I played in one $6.75  Mtt  KO ,  90 person,   finished  4th + 5 KOs =  $49 cash out.  I also played the $11  40k  tourney,  finished  40th for a $72 cash.    Since my big win I have I have net winnnings  of $147 in the last 3 days.
The great thing is that I am playing them with the strategies of patience and discipline and time management skills  that I had to learn to be successful in the pso league. 

To put this in perspective, during much of Nov. my account was between $20 and $30 until the last week of the month when I won some money and it got up to  $55.  Then I got $50 from the pso league. 

My goal for Dec. was first not to go broke, 2nd to not have to touch the $50 won in Nov.  and to try to increase my account to $200 by years end.

During this time I had the feeling that a breakout event was eminent. Little did I expect how big it would be.   I now end the year with a balance of over $2000.  More importantly I have finally come to believe what my wife has been telling me for some time,  that being that I really can play this game successfully. 

Dave the Langolier  in his session on satellite play  made a point of never putting a sure cash in jeopardy  just for a few chips.   This has served me well.  thanx Dave.

One thing I want to tell all pso members,  learn the skills to cash in the league games,  they are what will make you successful in the real world tourneys.