Yesterday I posted about having a feeling all month that I was about to have a breakout event and then went on to say that it was finishing 5th in Sunday's monthly PSO game. A $205 payout that increased my bankroll by 250%.

 I misspoke myself.  

Monday night I got home tired with no intention of playing, but then I felt better and got into a $2 + 1r+ 1a  at about 2145 est.   I signed up with five minutes to go in the late registration ( 2240hrs) because  I could start with a full stack (3000) + another 3000 rebuy  and 5 minutes later an additional 6000  during the break.  That way when the 2nd hour started  I had essentially 12000 in chips and 150 big blinds.   I prefer doing this as I don't have to deal with the chaos of the first hour during the rebuy period.  total players: 2406

I lost my first contested pot ,  a flopped str8 to a suck out river,  fortunately I still had 1200 chips.  From then on I won my next 13 showdowns,   did not endure on suckout and made the money with 269 other people.   I hovered around 20 to 30 big blinds and moved up the pay scale steadily. 

With about 70 left and payout at $23+ change I make a big mistake went all in on flop, found out I had a 3 outer ,  brick, brick ,  and was left with 2 1/4 bb after the turn and river bricked.   Quick check of the payout board told me if I could outlast 2 people I could get $25+ change.    My well developed skill of  clock management  ,   from PSO,   made it rather easy as I had 7 hands before the bb hit me.  

6 hands later I was in the hot seat and when I  look down I see a AJ offsuit.   I go all in with 2 callers + blinds.   J rag rag flop ,  ace on the river and now I have 7 blinds.   Ahead all the way.
MY blind is next,  QQ,  a UFB hand,  (UnF***ing Believable) ,    hot seat raises 4bb, a caller ,   I go all in.   If I am scared to play this hand I better start playing tiddly winks.  A call , a fold,   he has the dreaded    AK,   and for once my Qs hold and I now have almost 19 bbs.  

In eight hands I go from life support to being able to breathe easy.   In the past I might have been tempted to shove with ATC instead of waiting until I had to do something.  PSO has taught me patience and it paid off big time here.

From here I played tight and since there were a lot of action junkies ( found in rebuy tournaments) , my strategy was to let them butt heads with each other and to reach in with premium hands and take some money every so often

From this point on I never was in danger of going out.   I had QQ a few times and played them cautiously ,  never all in preflop,  and once mucked  them when the big stack, acting first. put me all in on the flop with an A on the board.   I think he was bluffing, but I had kept my commitment to a minimun.

   A lot of the time I bounced along in last place or next to last ,  but since I had 15+ bb ,  I was content to wait for a good hand to play.  People tend to focus on their place in the standings instead of the number of BBs they have or what their M is. (Read Dan Harrington,  Vol II )  If you are not in danger of emminently blinding out,  your standing in relation to other players is not important enought to worry about.

The important thing is that I never committed my stack until after the flop and NEVER did I call an all in bet for my stack unless I KNEW was way ahead. 
Never did I call an all in with a draw,  ala something Mike Sexton said on a WPT broadcast.

One last note,   I saw a total of 11% of the flops.  Seldom do I play that tight and it makes me wonder if there is a connection.

I hope my telling my thoughts and feelings will help other beginners gain confidence in learning and pursuing the plan the PSO is trying to teach here.    I was the key to my success.