All month I had a sense that there was about to be a breakthru in my game concerning results.   I had been happy that I was playing within my bankroll with normal variance, and not having any angst of getting broke,  yet at the same time I was just missing out on a big payday.  
I knew one was coming,  I could feel it ,  almost taste it,  and I kept telling my wife and her only comment was that it was about time I started to believe in myself
I would like to say I won,  but I did not.  I finished 5th in the monthly PSO  $11 buyin tourney.  Now to some a $205 payout may not seem big,    but compared to my 50 to 60 bankroll in Nov. that was up to $150 at tourney start ,  it is a huge increase. 
So now with $350 in it I can feel comfortabe playiing some $5 events that I have wanted to play with out feeling th added pressure to cash.