Like most newbys I have had my disasters with this.   I am finally comfortable with my game which is MTTs.   I am a moneydrain in cash games and not that good at single table .
Having found this out and realizing my strength is MTTs,  I now need to adhere to the rule of buy ins no greater than 2% of my bankroll.  By doing so, panic doesnt set in.   For example,  I had $177 after my big day on the 13th.   Since then I have dropped to $146,  but I still have a lot of  $2 buyins left and I know I will make it back up,  and then some more.   
It is tempting to buy into the daily 40k for 11 bucks,  but that quickly drains the bankroll if I do not hit a payday quickly.
So having said that, my plan is to limit my buyins to 2 bucks until my BR is $200, then increase my buy in limit to $3.   I will repeat this increase at the 300 and 400 stages,  then when I have a $500 bankroll I will start playing some of the $11 tourneys on a regular basis,  knowing that I will make my money back some where in the 50 tourneys it would take to deplete my BR.