Right now my game sux, even though I am money ahead. My reason to feel this way is that I am being knocked out of tourneys by being to aggressive. example #1, I have AA, my preflop raise is called , flop is Q T 9 , I shove and am called, he has KJ. Example #2. T 9 suited in bb, raise , I call , flop JQK, the only hand I fear is AT but this guy is so loose he could have 83 or anything. He bets, I shove, he calls, he has AT. Example #3. Huge donkey is playing every hand in PSO. he is in BB. I have TT and I raise , he shoves, I call, he shows 35 offsuit. Flop is 2 4 6. I could say it is all bad luck and I would be right, but in all cases I was agressive . I guess I need to figure out how to tamper my aggression without without becoming a doormat.