#1. Knocked out around 600, by a runner runner flush. 2nd. time the same player had rivered a flush on me after I got all in with best hand. Some crap you just can't control. Will probably drop out of top 100. #2. I am getting flushed today faster than a comode. Flopped nut straight and lost another runner runner flush. #3. Raised 5bb pre flop with KK. one caller flop Q 9 x. Reraised them all in , they show Q 9 for 2 pair, it holds up. At this stage I am probably below 200. #4. After registering and unregistering multiple times, I finally got in a few minutes late. jGot a couple of early pots to take the pressure off and did have to suck the clock and cruised to a 77 finish. Maybe it will put back into the top 200. #5 Well I got tired of this donk playing all in 75 % of the time. I called with A 9 suited, he show J 8 offsuit, he caught an 8 on the flop and I was history.