It was bad enough that I couldn't get much traction in todays first 3 PSO tournies and when I did find a hand I lost it to flushes, but it was the last tourney of the day that takes the cake. First hand. Fool #1 went all in with K7 suited, got a caller and doubled up when the board paired his 7. 2nd hand. Fool #1 goes all in again with A5 offsuit, I call with AK and so does another caller with KT suited. Board goes: x A x x 5. The dumb ass gets rewarded for stupid play by catching a 3 outer and I lose 14 league points. Why can't I find this idiot in a cash game somewhere. On a better note, I did cash in two $1.10 tournys today, Both times when I was eliminated it was a river suck out that did it. At least I got my money in with the best of it, and that favors me in the long run.