I finished 1st on a 90 person, $1.40 KO tourny Friday morning then was gone for the rest of the day. Sat. morning I got knocked out just before the money by the chip leader who had been very active and aggressive to the point I was waiting to get something to slow him down with,, He was bb, I was button. I had AK. I raised preflop, he re raised minimum. I called, the flop was KK2. He checked, I bet he called. Turn was a rag, he bet, I reraised, he went all in, I called. He turns over a stealth set of 2s, for a flopped boat, I had 7outs to a better boat but it didn't happen. Lesson is; sometimes even when you get a hand to call down the active, agressive , thief, it can be the one time they actually have a hand. Would I play it different? Hell no !!!!!