As some of you know, I play fixed limit razz at the $0.25/0.50 level and am about 3000 hands deep as I write this.


Two days ago, I made a breakthrough.

I was at a table with a huge fish. A player so bad it was almost laughable. I was hoping to profit nicely off of her, but unfortunately the razz gods had other plans. I got hammered in two showdowns in a row by her from a seventh street suck out and lost 3 other smaller pots from going brick brick on fourth and fifth street. I was about 9 dollars down for the session but then I realized something.

I wasn't phased by these events, I barely blinked, I was in complete control of my emotions and game and was playing the best razz of my life. A while later I ended up getting in a 4 way multi pot with the fish included and they all went down to showdown! The pot was about $11, but with about an $8 net since it was 4-way.

I left after that hand and was over the moon. My patience was rewarded and I felt as if nothing could shake me or effect my emotions ever again. Not only that, but finally I was making a profit not only in razz, but overall as well. I was about $4 up in razz and about $8 overall, coming back from being down $20 in razz and about $25 overall.

But everything was put to the ultimate test yesterday.

Yesterday I sat down at a table and quickly realized I wasn't playing with one fish, I was playing with 5 others, and not just any type of fish. Players so bad all you could do is shake your head and laugh at what was happening. Players who would call my raise UTG with a 7 showing with a 9, a 10, and the Q showing from the bring in. Players who would keep drawing when their board was showing 9,10,J,3 against a 7,4,A,3, and end up winning with a J 10 because the other guy had two pairs.This place was going to be an absolute gold mine; or so I thought. I started getting the worst luck of my life, the suck outs were unbelievable. I lost 7 showdowns in a row and consequently, was down about 15 dollars in the session. I remained unphased, I couldn't leave, this table was just too good to be true. I finally broke the streak and won a showdown. A nice 1/8.

As the time progressed, it only got worse, I ended with about a 25% showdown winning percentage and lost 25$ on the session, my biggest loss by far. I could hardly believe it, how could I lose all these showdowns? And right after I finally started profiting? Was I doing something wrong?

Don't get me wrong, when the cards did fall my way I did get paid off a whole lot more than a regular player would, but unfortunately winning 3 showdowns while losing 20 isn't going to bring in the money.

I look back at this session today and look at it as the greatest session of razz I've ever had because of this reason: I wasn't doing anything wrong. I'm confident in my decisions and that session has built no self doubt inside of me. The only adjustment I made to my strategy on that table was to NEVER bluff. For example someone raises before me with a 9 showing with only me and the bring in left and i have 10,3,2 with a 2 showing. Normally I might consider a raise and try to bluff the pot if I hit good and they hit bad on fourth, but I knew no matter what I hit, and no matter what the fish hit, this was going to showdown. Not worth it.

I remained generally in control of my emotions when experiencing the worst luck of my life against the worst players I've ever seen. I can bounce back from this.