Y is it i play my butt  off on here and can't even get a par do you have to bye your way in to this. I'm so mad with this it makes me sick.If the card are up to par .I count the pars that every one get's but me.i   Have seen people get 4 in a Row As for my hands J-h    4-h    than    J-s   5s, J-c   7s. in a Row than
A-h 3-h , A -c   9-c to A-h -5-d in a row. I have see this for 2 weeks every time i play i get this  and thay all get run over on the river every time.I play Mid-LAST BET and i get the shaft I play it all this is not right has anyone but me getting this. PLZ tell me it's not just me.