It’s been a long time since I did an update on my progress for the quest for 10 BB/100 in 2008. There’s been a couple reasons for that... first, my volume the past few months has been very low (relatively speaking). With the trip to Vegas in July, and then extra work on the video recording project for PSO (A 2 part video series is now up for viewing here: (Part 1), and (Part 2) ), plus a lot of extra going on in the rest of my life, I just haven’t had much time to get hours in playing recently. When I did play, much of my focus was on limit poker and high/low split poker in conjunction with my limit hold’em mentoring series running and some high/low split stuff I’m working on. As my NLHE cash games course Phase 1 launches later this month on the 13th (registration is open here:, followed by a brand new NLHE cash games Phase 2 course with all new content building deeper on the phase 1 concepts plus an addressing of new things like REM (range, equity, maximize), my focus will be shifting back to no limit hold’em and as such I’ll be increasing my volume again to close out the final months of the year. In addition to that, I was not running well when I put in some NL ring sessions, which was further incentive to step back and take some time away from NLHE. One of the advantages of having invested time learning O/8, Stud, Stud/8, etc. is that I can “take a break” from hold’em, be it limit, NL, or MTT’s, and play something completely different, while still bringing home the bacon so to speak. And I do enjoy the other games, especially Limit Omaha/8. So all that being said, when I last left off on this, we had updates through May. So now I owe you a progress report on June, July, and August. June was a pure disaster of a month, which led to my short volume then of less than 1300 hands. VP$IP 32.46 PFR 14.64 AF 1.46 Went to SD% 28.64 Won $ at SD% 45.54 Won $ WSF% 44.25 BB/100 -28.11 Most of my stat line looks similar to normal, except a few minor details that probably added up during this rough stretch. Post flop aggression is just a tad too low at 1.46. There’s no problem with it being this low for any given session, sometimes the opponents and dynamic dictate taking a more passive approach (like when you’re up against very aggressive players or blufftards for instance). But over the course of a series of sessions, this number is too low. Won $ at showdown and won $ when seeing the flop are down too… not a big drop, but even a small one makes an impact. July started to turn it back around, although being out of town and then having so much going on my volume again came in really low, barely 500 hands in 5 sessions. The stats aren’t even worth mentioning in that small a sample size, but the BB/100 for the month was +1.10. August was even slower, I only played NLHE 4 nights during the month. But all sessions were winners, and I finished the very short month +28.13. Because July and August where such short months in volume, I still finished the 3 month period well in the red at -13.30 BB/100. You can see how having one really bad month really impacts your over all results. That’s normal, everybody runs bad at times. The important thing is to not place the blame blindly at the feet of the poker gods, but to take accountability for your own actions and play, and examine what you’ve been doing to plug any leaks contributing to the problem. One thing I find helpful is to review the biggest losing hands from the big losing sessions… the ones where I took a real hit. Did I get my money in good? Did I make sound decisions in the hand? Or was I out of line, did I play it poorly? Make bad decisions? Sometimes you’ll find just normal variance. Big draws that miss. Sets that fall. AA getting all in pre vs. KK and losing (I did get all in preflop with AA once during this stretch, and lost to a seriously overplayed AK that caught 2 kings on the board). I found some legitimate hard breaks, but also a couple spots that I didn’t help my cause. Moving into the home stretch of the year, my BB/100 has fallen below my target goal now, sitting at +8.85. Will I be able to stretch it out above 10 by year end? Or will I fall short? In the end, where ever the final number lies, if I finish these last few months by playing solid poker, then I’ll hold my head high. Because that’s what it’s all about… play strong and make good decisions, and eventually the results take care of themselves.