April began with some rough patches. I focused on not getting too loose passive unless the opponents truly called for passive, and not playing big pots without big hands, in conjunction with the PokerTracker analysis I did of my first quarter results. While I felt my play was more consistent, I ran through a downswing in the first half of the month that is just a common part of poker that everyone goes through. I won’t bore you with all the gory details, but the highlight (or lowlight, I guess I should say), was a session where I lost 2.5 buy ins after stacking off twice with flopped sets vs. draws that pushed on me and got there. There’s not much I can really do about that, I’m happy getting all in with a set vs. a flush or straight draw any day of the week. And I’ve been known to play my draws aggressively from time to time as well, and have certainly been the one pressing hard on a draw, running into a set, and sucking out before too. So it goes both ways and is all a part of the over all results, which we hope if we’re doing the right things, will be solid in the end. Despite hitting some of that rough variance and ending up treading water the first half of April, the second half of the month went much better. After finishing up with some strong results, I was able to right the ship and get back into the black by month end, finishing up with a BB/100 of +6.89. My stats for April ended up looking like this: VP$IP 29.48 PFR 14.39 AF 2.11 Went to SD% 30.71 Won $ at SD% 50.58 Won $ WSF% 49.11 Compared to the quarterly analysis, a tad looser than I’d usually like to see, but not out of line, and I like my aggression levels as well as the rest of the numbers. In May, I continued to ride the wave of my closing week in April and, despite a very bad final session at the end of May, posted my strongest month yet at +20.41 BB/100 (yeah, it was a great month). My stats in May were as follows: VP$IP 28.81 PFR 13.71 AF 1.78 Went to SD% 29.76 Won $ at SD% 54.66 Won $ WSF% 51.39 My post flop aggression factor (AF) was below 2 in May, but this was a somewhat abnormal result as I sat several times with bluff machine type opponents, so I adjusted my post flop play to be more passive and induce more bluffs against them (and several times I got these players to bluff off a lot of chips, as evidenced by my results for the month). So knowing this, I’m not concerned with an AF under 2. And the went to showdown, won $ at showdown, and won $ when seeing the flop numbers are all supportive of solid play as well, rather than a slip into the passive leak mode I identified in the first quarter of the year. We’ll try to continue the solid results through June, and finish up the first half of the year strong. I’ll try to complete a quarterly and semi-annual analysis prior to leaving for Vegas on July 5th, and head into Sin City ready to tackle the live cash games.