Day 2 – Sunday July 7th Got some sleep for the first time in a year, which felt nice. Had a late breakfast and then decided to play the noon Orleans Open Event, $200 Limit Omaha/8. My starting table is filled with weak players and a lot of loose action. That’s great I’m thinking, if I can make a few hands the opportunity to accumulate chips is definitely there. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. Twice I make the nuts in one direction and get counterfeited on the river, and twice I flop draws to the nuts both ways and end up dragging zero chips. This was enough drain on my stack that I wasn’t able to recover, and I’m out after about 2 hours of play. Still feeling drained, I decided to go back up to the room and lay down for a bit, which turns into a long nap. Before I know it, it’s time to head to the PSO mixer at the Irish pub. I head down and there’s no one there. Hmmm… I decide to go check the baseball scores for the day and head over to the sportsbook. Good thing, as I’m walking past the bar by the sportsbook, Perry (game_face) comes up to me decked out in his gangsta suit to say hello. He points out the large group of PSOers on the deck by the bar… I guess the mixer’s not at the Irish pub this year! Meet some new PSOers as well as some old acquaintances. As usual, everyone is very nice. A big thanks to Joe (jayw) for coordinating and organizing everything, you’re the best man! Joe tells us the poker room will spread private cash games for us if we have enough people. I’m not much of a drinker any more, in fact I rarely do these days, but when I’m in Vegas without the family responsibilities I usually slot one night as a “drinking night”, and this was it, so of course I’m eager to get my soon-to-be-drunk self into a PSO cash game. Eddie the Ritz is soliciting for a dealers choice game, and I jump on board and help him lobby. The game will be dealers choice, we play that game for 1 full orbit and then the next person gets to choose the next orbit’s game. You can chose any stud or flop game, if you call a pot limit or NL game, it’s $1-$2 blinds, and if you call a limit game it’s $5-$10 limit. Max buy in was $200. Keeping the cocktail waitress busy was encouraged. It takes a bit for the Orleans to get organized and get us dealers (there was also another private PSO game that went, I think they played $2-$4 limit hold’em). I’m already starting to feel my first 3 drinks (yeah, I’m a lightweight now) and haven’t eaten since breakfast, so Eddie and I run over to Terrible Mike’s and get a burger. Good timing, when we return 20 minutes or so later they’re just bringing out a bank to the table to sell the players chips and get the game rolling. Joe keeps the wait list for the game (since it’s a private PSO game, it’s not up on the Orleans board). I know I won’t remember everyone that came and went from the game through out the night, seeing as A) I’m bad with names to begin with and B) I’m getting more and more sauced as the night drives on... but some of the players were Eddie_the_Ritz, schwarze, oakz, doch, jayw, zakster, game_face, Jeff85257, and xxPiratexx. We played rounds of pot limit hold’em, no limit hold’em, pot limit Omaha, pot limit Omaha/8, limit Omaha/8, Limit Stud Hi, and Limit Stud/8. The best hand of the night (ok, craziest) occurs between Jerry (xxPiratexx) and I during the limit Omaha/8 round. It mucks around to me on the button and I look down at A369, I think there’s some suits in there, I don’t know cause I’m drunk. But it doesn’t matter, it’s Jerry’s big blind! I raise. The SB mucks and Jerry’s like “you’re raising my blind? I raise”. I make it 4 bets, and Jerry makes it 5. The dealer now points out to us that we can continue to keep raising if we like as there’s no cap heads up. This was one of the more fun dealers we had during the night. Anyway, I say nah, the 5 bets scare me so I better slow down and just call. Before the flop comes out, I think I hear Jerry say something about showing weakness, and he throws $5 more out announcing he’s betting the flop dark. I stop the dealer from putting out a flop and ask if Jerry’s betting the flop dark. He says yes sir, and I say “ok then, I RAISE dark!” Jerry: 3 bets. Me: 4 bets. Jerry: 5 bets. Me: Damn… ok, I just call. So now we’ve gone 5 bets on the flop betting round, with no flop yet. LOL The dealer puts the flop out and it gives me a nut low draw with no real high potential. The dealer pauses, and we remind him that we were way ahead of him on the flop round, so we need to see a turn card. It gives me the nut low. Jerry bets and I raise, he calls. The river doesn’t change anything, and my nut low splits with his AAxx for high. We split the $2 small blind in the end (actually losing money due to the rake), but we both toss the dealer $1 none the less and I tell him, here take our profits. I think the whole table was cracking up. The dealer takes $2 back out of his tip jar and tosses us each a $1, saying “here, this is for you, that was the best hand I’ve seen all year!” LOL The game breaks up really early, it wasn’t long after midnight (it’s Vegas, what’s up with that?!?!) I cash out with about a $275 profit, plus having consumed what now feels like another $275 worth of alcohol. Of course I’m not ready to crash yet. All the poker games have lists, so I decided to wander over to the pit and give the house a little action, and get myself a comp for some food in the process. I sat down at a Pai Gow Poker table, which if you know how to play is easy enough to grind drunk. And it’s fairly low variance since there’s a lot of pushes. I give the pit boss my players card and buy in for $200. I’m betting $25 a hand for a while, which at some point goes to $40 a hand, I don’t remember when exactly or why $40. It gets to be 2am and I’m now really hungry, so I ask the pit boss if I’m good for a comp for the Courtyard Café. He checked the computer and said absolutely, for how many? Like an idiot I say “one”. He writes me a $15 comp ticket. If I had been sober I would have said “two” or “three” and I’m sure gotten $25 or $30. They’re good for 24 hours so I could have taken someone with me the next day. Oh well. I cash out of Pai Gow Poker with a $42 profit and go to the café. I planned to order some Mongolian Beef, but the waiter tells me Chinese is closed now, so I grab a graveyard special (sausage and eggs + HB and toast) for $2.95 instead and just pay for it, saving the $15 comp for the next day. Finally crash around 3 am, but not before I set my alarm for 8 am to play in the PSO tournament, which I have to do since Dean Spath elected to put a bounty on my head of 50 Sponsorship Points (Thanks Al, you weren’t my favorite person when that blasted alarm rang! LOL) Results -200 in the Orleans Open, +275 in the PSO dealers choice cash game, total +75 for the day, -$505 for the trip…..