Hello grinders! So in February 2012 I was complaining to my girlfriend about how im always losing and i didnt know what to do. So I had to get a reality check from my better half on my Poker playing, as poker was becoming more of an expense, rather than a fun hobby that has the bonus of winning money whatever the sum may be. I had to really look into where I was going wrong. Was I not playing well enough? Was I playing out of my bankroll? It was a close friend who pointed out to me that games i was mainly playing ( $2.50 180man SNG's) were too swingy and my roll was no where near deep enough to continue playing at that stake. Someone who I know through twitter keeps a $1000 roll to grind the 180's just because of their swingy nature, my roll was only ever able to peak at $200. No where what I needed to maintain playing these games. So as a result, i was instructed to drop down to the $1.50 18/45mans and see how I got on. So i topped up $80 and really put in some grind time. The downswings were much easier to hand, and i could walk away from a losing session of 10/15 games with no significant cashes not feeling disheartened   because the loss was no way near as great losing 15 180's back to back.

At my new stakes i peaked to around $150 which is $70 nearly 100% increase on my orginal top up's. Majority of nights I would break even which at first i thought was disheartening, but you cant be in profit every night so not losing any money is a bonus. I was doing something i love for free. Its now 2months on and i have not had to desposit a penny into my stars account, which is the goal I wanted to achieve. There was nothing more tilting than busting your roll every month. So here comes the negative bit...........i think sometimes my problem is that i play too many tables so some get my concentration more than others, so i lost a large chunk  of my roll playing too many tables and not being able to give 100% (shot myself in the foot basically). So without aid of my fiancee's advice ( for once lol) i had to make the descision to drop my stake again, but still no needing to top-up, i realised this issue before i was sitting with my head in my hands looking at a busted roll wondering what happened. So its 50c 45mans for me i have currently played 9 games and I am $8 up so WATCH THIS SPACE.