I'm Hippin. My name's hippin becuase I have a pin in my hip from a sports injury. I'm 20 and from the UK. I go to uni and do computer science. You're not here to hear about me though, you want to see me spectacularly fail to run up $10 to $1000. That's probably what's going to happen. Firstly, I lied I have $7. I atcually started with $2 and have "Grinded" it up to $7.13 which is our atcual starting point. I'm a silverstar and so I'll also be playing any freerolls I can get my hands on. I have plenty of VPP's too  (650) So I'll try and use them to get into the smallest tournaments I can. I just came off a 25 buy in downswing playing 10NL that's why I'm playing 2NL and I'm writing this blog to improve my play. I would be thankful for any advice or comments on hands. I'll start by just 1-2 tabling until I have more buy in's.

Current Graph:

My first 500 hands: 

Can't really tell much from such a small sample size but as you can see I'm not running great. 4.4 bb/100 is fine I guess. Might be betting too big with my good hands and calling off too light/bluffing too often.

Interesting/Big hands:

1.) Do you also call here? I thought betting that big looked more bluffy as someone with a straight would be looking to extract value from an A, not get it to fold. Maybe I'm just a fish who can't fold top pair top kicker.


2.) Do you raise flop here? I think so, Makes my hand look like a flush draw and I think at these stakes any broadway ace comes along which is what we want and raising from cut off he should have at least A9o A8s. I don't think there's any arguement not to bet river if we check we only check to call anyway. If he ships we tank-fold. He probably then has a better two pair a flush or a set which he slowplayed. there's also a possibility he's a fish and he jams the river with a missed draw but I don't think that's likely enough to call off here.


3.) Calling off light here but I'm afraid that's going to be happening alot. fish playing $0.50 stacks I'm going to call off light. Lost a small flip, no biggie.


4.) I don't know how many times this has happened to me. I guess this shows you the standard at 2NL. I don't think I'm ever folding, He could have JJ KK AA but most of the time I think he has 1010-22 AJ Ax. 


5.) Bit of run good finally. Think I played it fine, bet small to make him ship the flop. 



I think I played pretty bad and ran pretty bad. Sorry for the small sample sizes others will be bigger escpecially as I start playing more tables. Any comments/Advice would be appreciated.