so the DEC 15, 2010 - 22:00 PSO tourney has a little bit left ...and the deadline is very near.
    Where are all the trash talking donks who i created this challenge for??  Wow...not one of you guys signed up.  Is it because you know u will fail??  That's pretty sad that u guys didn't even take a chance at free balls at all.
                                                       So here are the whole 5 players who signed up for the challenge.
                                                                        Good Luck.....

           ( name)                  (rank as of Dec 15th)
     -  AlphaAero                  8703 
     -  behanbad                  7012  
     -  TEXASDUKE             6797 
     -  FLcrackr                     5748
     -  8Betfold                      5674