i posted a blog a day ago saying i was gonna really try and win this PSO thing...trying to have a positive attitude......then sure enough the 2 tourneys i play today are just the same old crap that made me stop playing on here in the first place.  Hopefully pretty soon all these online sites will be banned in the US........there is no way anybody can honestly believe that this is legit....the worst hand wins 90% of the time.  The setups are absolutely ridiculous......i play live at least 3 to 4 days a week, and i have for the last 10 yrs....amazing how i can have such a good live ROI and win tourneys consistently yet online i get beat everytime i have my money in right.  How bout for a poker school lesson they explain how u can consistently lose with the best hand....when we all know that is statistically impossible.  Sure, everyone takes beats...hell, i took my pocket Aces getting beat by pocket Kings the other day to the tune of 500$...but i grinned and said good hand because i know in the long run in a live poker game i will win that battle 4 out of 5 times.  Online poker is just a money machine joke......i would suggest nobody ever deposit a dime in these sites.  Mark my words....online poker doesnt have long left....and just in case anybody doesnt know...these "pro" players sponsored by the sites dont spend a dime on the sites...they gamble online with house money...and some of the players even have stock in the company...and i know this for a fact, because i know a "pro" on an online site.    I am willing to bet this blog doesnt get approved, it will probably never see the light of day...because the sites obviously dont want people saying stuff like this....wonder why?     .....if pokerstars is an honest site then they have nothing to lose by letting me express my opinion.....please feel free to express your opinions on this guys....if it even gets posted.