Well this is my first ever blog in any type of subject but I wanted to create something if not for everyone else then just myself. I recently became unemployed and  looking for a job in the UK at the moment is somewhat of a nightmare. I have always been a fan of playing poker and have read some of the leading publications such as Harrington on Hold em and several other strategy books for online poker, whilst playing one day I decided to look into the merits of trying to make a living at the game. 

My first considerations are: 

A)  Am I good enough
B)  What is my budget 
C)  What types of games am I going to play
D)  What stakes am I going to play at
E)  How much do I need to be making per month to genuinly consider myself to be making a living.

A) Well I wouldn't consider myself a naturally talented Player Like say Dwan or Negreanu but I am not a bad player in any sense. There are plenty of examples of people who make a living who are not naturally talented at what they do. I would say the 2 most notable examples of this would be Gary Neville and Roy Keane, (UK soccer players) who both had amazing carreers at Manchester Utd through sheer hard work and determination without being particularly Naturally talented like say Ryan Giggs. Now I am no way suggesting that through sheer hard work I am going to forge anything like such a glittering carreer as those 2 examples, I would be happy grinding it out at Gillingham if I was making a living from it.

B) Now I am in no way a high roller and I have set myself a 1 month playing budget of $300 (around £180). People reading this may say to themselves that this is a ridiculous budget and I have no chance of succeeding and they may be right. But this is an experiment and a fairly risk free one at that, once my $300 is gone and I haven't earned enough to reload then the experiment is over pure and simple.At this point I then start looking for proper work. Nothing ventured nothing gained isn't that the saying.

C) For me personally I feel that tournements are more suited to my agressive style of play and would much rather bust out of 4 tournaments that have cost me $15 dollars than bust out of 4 cash games that have cost me $40.
D) With my budget of $300 dollars for a 1 month experiment I have set myself a limit of $10 a day in tournament buy-ins and a maximum of 2 tournamnets a day. so my target tournaments are the $1-$8 buy-ins mainly guaranteed prize pool tournaments which there are an abundance of on the likes of Stars and Tilt. Again this may be scoffed at due to the variance that can be experienced in these tournaments but as I keep saying this is just an experiment.

E) The average wage in the UK is around £22,000 a year ($36,000) so that would be my ideal target. My last job paid £16,500 a year and I lived quite happily on that amount so really anything above £16,500 will do. In conclusion any thing above £317 ($522) a week will work for me.

Well now you know my goals and aspirations it's time for the nitty gritty. I have been playing for nearly 1 week and have played in about 8 tournaments cashing in 3 for just over $550 dollars profit leaving me still with a  $300 Bankroll so things have started ok. Keep posted for more Blogs on my progress in the coming weeks I will try and write at least one a week to see how I am progressing.

Thanks for reading my first ever Blog and see you at the tables