In this update I will discuss the hands I played today and some of my BR-management. 

The stats of the day

First I post my total stats.

As you see, I'm starting all over again after around 14.000 hands I have had a loss of -$0,29, so my BR is now $58,65 I have played some Omaha hands in the first days, where I lost around a dollar, and that counts too. But in Holdem I'm starting again and had a decent day today:


Yes, I had some lucky hands, but I don't care, I've won $8,18 with an average of 24bb/100, so that's okay. I felt like I was a little bit looser with some speculative hands on the SB, Button, Cut Off and Hi-Jack. So I was calling a little bit more babypairs, suited connectors and that kind of stuff. But just slightly.

Now here are some hands I played:

I still should 3-bet more preflop... It's not very good, I may should shove 5-bet, but I think he would have folded that. I don't know if I played it right postflop, I'm not sure if I should value bet my quad aces here more on the flop, turn or river.

It feels like 16c is my std. 3-bet It should be around 3,5 times the initial raise, so 20c, This was my luckiest hand.

Folding Jacks after n-bets, with n>2:

I feel I played these hands pretty well. I couldn't remember these hands, so I autofolded them. Happy with that!

And then this, I still call hand, that I should have folded the raise on the turn. It's not very good to play it like this. I should re-evaluate the hand after a reraise or check-raise on the turn. No excuses!

My bankroll Management the next months

Bankroll management(BRM) is very important in poker, because variance is a huge part in it. Now I'm going to start how I am going to try to grind up till 10 NL And how long I think it will take.

First from 2NL-->5NL I will move up when I have 125$ in my roll. And go down when I'm back to 100$, I may change the 125 to 150, because the chances of losing 10 BI's if you are good enough aren't that big(But it happened almost in 2NL already!) I may play some 1$ tourney's when I'm at 5NL 

Then from 5NL-->10NL I will move up when I have $250 in my roll and go down at $200. With the 250 can go to 300 if I like to. I may play some small 2,2$ tourneys here.

Then I think I'm around 6 months from now, so I will look further then, but I think I will try to move up around 625$ But that's really future.

When I look to proffessional players and very good microstakes grinders. They can grind to 20bb/100 hands. I think that's probably a bit to high. I hope I can play around 5-15 bb/100 hands. in 2NL and 3-13bb/100 hands in 5NL. Normaly I play 1200 hands every hour zooming 4 tables. So I will win $2,40 every hour so (125-60)/2,4=27 hours. I think I will play this amount in two months, so I'm probably playing 5NL in January 2015! At hand 46.400

My hourly rate in 5NL Is going to be .around (8*5c*12) $4,80 so (250-125)/4,8=26 hours. So I may be at 10 NL in March 2015!  at hand 77.600. But there is still variance, or maybe even over-, or underestimating myself, or playing more or less poker, because of my own timeschedule. And I may take some shots at $100 and $200 respectively. We will see!

Let's keep grinding!