Howdy folks,, This is Rusty,, Just joined up overnight.. From Australia... Have been playing this game close to 6 - 7 years now. Mainly cash tables.. I have occasionaly played the bigger tourney buy-ins ,, Treat them like a special occasion.. Have got a few freinds involved now n then .. and we pitch in $50 each and I play the $200 buy-in games.. Usually the big guarantees at Pokerstars.. Not a regular thing, think I have palyed 5-6 $200 tourneys..when PS. has promotional games on for the sunday millions.. I currently play at a ipoker network site. I recieve a 45% rakeback deal .. SO I play most of my Ring Table games there.. I have a question about earning a small wage through regular play and earning rake back.. Would it be possible to earn a wage of say $350 - $700 @week multi-tabling 5 x $25 - 5 x $50 tables.. Over the last 55k hands,, I have paid over 1000 euro in rake ,, I play in multi-currency tables aswell.. Also play Omaha ,, NL 6 max tables on each Hold-em and/or Omaha. Stakes range from 5c - 10c / 10c - 20c / 25c - 50c . Euro / Pound / USD. Its been a part-time thing after work ,, but I ve recently lost my job,, combination of being there for too long ...11 and a half years.. Illness,, and just general lack of interest.. for the place,, I can afford to Bankroll myself to play at these levels (micro) lol.. I havent worked for the last 15 years of my life to only have enough money till the end of the week.. I would like to take a shot at this ,,, but its a confidence ,, social ,,, and the uncertainty of grinding out 5-7 hours of on-line play.. Any advice ,, positive or negative will be much appreciated.. Thanks