Howdy Folks,,, thought I'd let know that some work buddys n myself have been gettin together first saturday of each month and we have a good ol' fashion game of cards. Last saturday we had 17 runners. A few regulars we away with other weekend activities. Pfff .. Anways a good turnout all the same. I finshed 6th  couple shy of the money. Top 4 got paid. I joined the Ring Game after I busted out ,, oh yeh it was my 10s vs Ks that busted me. Two short stackies going at each other. I got close to a triple up after buying in at 20. Trip 8s and 2 lads paid me off with another short stacky with his last 5 buks in the mix aswell. then petty much card dead for a few hours. Got involved in a 3 way pot my Trip 10s vs Trip 3s  vs Jack High flush all on the flop. My mate led out after I checked the flop and I doubled his to 10 buks ,, 3 of us in a a nice sized pot,, checked down to the river ,, could of lost hole stack but didnt,, ol mate had low flush gave him Jack high flush in the river when the 4th spade fell which was the Jack. I was hopin to fill the BOAT but nah,,, in the end only 20 down for the night. 2 am finish,, good to catch up with da lads again,, always good times.  Thanks for listening... Over n Out