Hello, Guys, Back for a quick update on the Challenge.

We made another Final Table. It was the $1.10 Turbo Zoom $2.5k GTD. We came into the FT in 7/9 position with a lot of work to do. Luckily, like most micro stakes FT's, the play was weak and we laddered up quickly.

Here are the Payouts:

Here was a huge hand for us. I understand their call because of pot odds but with the SB only having 2bb there is a lot of ICM pressure on me and it would be awful for me to miss the inevitable pay jump. I think I my range for getting it in here would be AK and QQ+.

Huge pot for us:

3 Handed, crippling pot that cost us the tourney. I don't recommend limp shoving K3o for 25bb  I was inducing the shove obviously, I knew the player type.

Bust-out hand. The BB snap over-call is insane here but with the limp shove K3o BvB, what would you expect. I searched them using Stars "find player" feature and I think this was the bottom end of their buy-in so probably didn't care much about the money.

We bust in 3rd for £107, our biggest cash of the challenge.

The Bankroll is:

It is actually pretty brutal because last week I went on a rip and ran the BR up to $360 from a spin-n-go session. So we are actually on an $80 downswing since then. I have dropped out $3.30 buy-ins and won't go higher than $2.20.

That's all for now, I don't plan to get much volume in because the next 2 weeks are the last of the year for uni anI i have a huge CW hand-in. I am also doing my room up for Summer so in 2 weeks we get to go at this challenge full on. Hopefully put a large dent in it over the summer, or if we are lucky, complete it.

As always here are some hands from the week, GL at the tables, TJ.

BB doubled through UG in last hand, I was expecting a re-shove for the Booty, Got REKT!

VAMOS Brazil!!