How’s it going PSO members? Sorry, I am a day late with the Challenge update. Our first week went reasonably slow but I am moderately satisfied with the results. I didn’t get much volume in this week because it was my 24th birthday on Saturday. I think I may have only got 3 sessions in. Our bankroll is currently $36.91 with the highest being around $39.

I have been Grinding 25 cent 45/90 man SNG’s as well as some 10 cents 360 men. There is a fair amount of variance in them which I was not expecting but the play is very poor, especially the ICM play at the final table.

I am going to keep this update short as with the start of most bankroll challenges, It's just about building a roll big enough to play MTT’s and bank some big scores.

This week’s goal is to increase limits to the 50 cent SNG’s.

I will talk to you all next Monday.

GL at the tables, TJ.