What’s up guys. Today I made a pretty big decision in terms of bankroll management. I have decided that it is best for me to slash our bankroll and invest in coaching. I was planning on inquiring about coaching when we had a much larger bankroll but after playing so much lately I have realised that I am not as good as I thought. I keep encountering spots where I just don’t know what to do and I think it’s going to cost me more in the long term than what coaching will in the short term.

On the last blog our bankroll was around 1.5k. We did however over the week peek at 1.8k when we took 2nd in the $5.50 1000cap for around $400.

We ended up losing 2 big hands when we were 3 and 2 handed that cost us the tournament and over $100 in equity. I will post them below.

Never mind apparently i didnt BOOM the 3 handed suck-out. It was against the same guy who beat me HU. I had a well over a 4:1 chip lead 3 handed. The guy 2nd in chips limped in SB on 16bb. I had AA so i 3x and he snapped shoved KTs and board runs out TTxxx. The other guy only had 7bb so it was effectively for the tourney. Anyhows......

So how much bankroll will this cost might you be asking? Well as it stands I ended up getting a nasty bill through the door when my bank decided to hit me with a charge for being slightly in my overdraft when it expired. I set up an overdraft well over a year ago so you never really think about when it will be expiring. I also need to purchase a mic and webcam for skype coaching. All that is going to cost around $400. The coaching itself I am not 100% yet. I emailed Matthew Hunt (theginger45) on Pocket Fives and explained to him the situation about the challenge so once he gets back to me I will let you know but I am willing to drop to around my initial starting roll if that’s what it takes to improve my game. Matthew is a TPE and P5 coach with over $1m in online cashes. He offers very affordable pricing plans and has received a lot of positive feedback on his coaching style and poker knowledge. I couldnt do the man justice but if you want to check him out i am sure you can head over to P5 and search his name or even type it into google.

Just filling the people who follow my challenge in on what’s going to be happening. I will let you know what sort of coaching programme we settle on. The bankroll as we speak is now $1.3k.

GL at the tables, TJ.