What’s up guys sorry for the delay on the blog post it’s been a busy month. Had a lot of birthdays at the start of the month but I am back on full track. So what had been happening with the challenge as of late? We are almost at a bankroll mile stone of 1K. I know the title says we are but we are just shy. Right now we have built our $400 up to $946.

We have had a tone of deep runs this month so far with a handful of FT’s and a lot more FT bubble boys unfortunately. I should note that my last post we were sitting around $600 after a FT at the Velociraptor on Full Tilt. Shortly after that the bankroll did take a huge swing and we dropped to around the $290 mark which was obviously not great. I figured out I was letting the rebuy MTT’s run away with my roll so I have had to implement a strategy of firing a certain amount of bullets before I enter. Keeping disciplined is key.

Our two biggest scores of the month so far has been a 4th for around $327 in the £3.30 2kGtd. The one I shipped at the start of the year. The largest score although has come from a 6th in the $3.30 knockout on stars.


That was a long one it took 7hours just to reach the FT with there being 6.3k entrants. We banked over $300 for that while collecting around $50 in knockouts. Here is the knockout hand.


It’s a tough spot given there are two shorter stacks than us but I think AJ is too strong to fold here. His 3x does suggest he is committed to a shove but I feel he can show up with a lot of worse Ax and broadways we have reasonable equity against.

My grinding schedule has started to take form. Right now I am playing from around 4pm to 2am depending on deep runs. I pretty much grind 4-6 days a week which is crazy.
Not going to make many changes to my buy-in range. I may take some shots at a few of the $5.50 1000cap on stars but I understand now after dropping over $200 twice that bankroll management is crucial to a successful poker player.

That’s all I got for now going to get some kip for the Saturday grind. Oh I did shave off my epic man beard after over 7 months of growth. I miss it dearly and am already growing one back. Good luck at the tables, TJ.