Quick update on how things have been going. For the first few weeks I basically had been breaking even with BR swings of $100 in either direction. It was frustrating but I was playing a lot higher variance than I was used to. I also didn’t realise how easy it was to dwindle away my BR when I entered rebuys and add-on MTT’s.

I made 1 FT last week and 1 FT this week so far. I ended up final tabling the Velociraptor over on Fulltilt. I came 4th for $262 big ones.

I lost the chip lead pot with 99 vs AQs all in preflop. I could have played post with the guy but I was there to win and I thought they guy could certainly be pushing weaker pairs than mine 4 handed. I will check it tomorrow on ICMizer if it was correct given one guy was shorter than me but right now I need to get some kip.

My diet and lifestyle has gone way off this week. I didn’t even weigh myself this week because I knew just how much crap I had eaten and I didn’t want to depress myself. I feel a lot more tired again I need to get back on top of that tomorrow. I have not been drinking anywhere near the amount of water I was drinking last week. I was also playing the PSOTCOP series but decided to pull out because in order to put up points I was having to sit up all night.

Yeah that’s pretty much it I don’t want this to be a long one. I will transfer all my funds on to stars and just cherry pick MTT’s on FullTilt. The Bankroll is now $636.

I could probably now shot take at some $4-$5 MTT’s . I have decided that if I can get my Bankroll up to around $2k-$3k I think it would be well worth my time cashing out a couple hundred and investing it in coaching. I was looking at Assassinato and think he is the guy for me. But let you know more about it when it comes to it.
Alright GL at the tables, TJ.