Took today off and didn’t really do too much in terms of productivity. I floated around the house all day while collecting my thoughts. I read a bit more of Moormans books, reviewed 2 MTT’s from over the weekend and posted a couple of hands I wasn’t sure about on P5. I also talked to one of their trainers on their who is a full time poker pro. I was asking them about how I should approach my week and how many days I should play. The response I got was not what I was expecting. They told me to just play when I felt like playing. Pretty simple response really. They said that few players could play 8-12 hour session 4-5 days a week and still be on their A-game. It felt pretty good to hear that because after 3days in a row I was finding it hard to keep my level of concentration up.

Tomorrow I am undecided what to do yet. I guess I will just see how I feel when I wake up if I will play or not. I was thinking of studying a few hours in the morning before taking a break and starting a session around 2pm.
Right now all I want to focus on is improving and playing a consistent A-game. Over the weekend I came across a hand I wanted to share with you where I was able to find a spot I would never of seen if it hadn’t of been for reading Moormans Book. Something Moorman always considers in his hands is the ability to turn any hand into a bluff at any time.

In this hand I found myself betting the turn with TPTK after my opponent failed to c-bet. They called my turn bet and a K drops on the river. I figure I still have the best hand and my opponent is pot controlling with a marginal showdown hand. I bet small to keep my value range wide and to get paid off by worse but my opponent decided to put in a raise. I would say I normally fold here 8/10 times considering their sizes looks like thin value with a Kx hand. But knowing what I know now I actually think this is a great spot to turn our hand into a bluff. I figured that my opponent would be c-betting this flop with all their bluffs so when they check they have showdown value. When they raise the K river they either have a showdown hand turning into a bluff or Kx hand going for thin value. I suspect AK because it has more showdown than the other Kx broadways which I suspect would have c-bet the flop. My range however is very wide but more importantly my value range can be very wide while my opponents range is going to be capped to a Kx or nothing. I can still have KJ, 77, 44, 33, 56 and 34 which I would all play like this and shove for value on the river. So my opponent should realise this and it’s going to be really hard to call off for their tournament life with one pair here. I don’t think my opponent would ever expect me to turn a hand this strong into a bluff on the river so I was pleased with my analysis of the hand. My opponent tanked for a fair while then released the hand.

I am going to get some kip and get up early tomorrow and get moving. My diets been going reasonably well it’s the best I have felt in a long time. I still haven’t got around to putting in a weight training session this year but maybe tomorrow will be the first.

That’s all from me GL folks, TJ.