First day back on the grind and it has become apparent that despite all my preparation I have was not as prepared as I needed to be. I started firing up tables at 8:30am this morning and grinded 5 and half hours until 1:30pm before I had to stop registering. I was running pretty poorly and at no point did I think I was on my A game. It was around 11:30am the games started to slow and I noticed my concentration slowing along with it. I went from sitting up-right with my back straight to being slouched in my chair with my feet up on the corner of the desk. It took me a while to realise before I re-corrected it. There is no way I can be playing my A-game sitting like that. I played a lot more tables than I was used to today. I think I was playing 10-12 when in full flow which was not as over encumbering as I first thought it would be but I didn’t have time to develop any opponent specific reads or take notes.

When it came to lunch time I realised I hadn’t prepared anything to eat and with only 5 minute breaks every hour I realised I messed up. I started grinding this morning before I had even got around to brushing my teeth. I quickly through some soup into the micro wave and realised I would have to prepare my meals in advance. So before tomorrow’s session I will prepare some tuna pasta to get a good dose of complex carbs at lunch.

I have also decided that I am better off starting my sessions later when more games of my buy-in are running. When I started this morning most of the games were $1.10 or lower buy-ins.

In terms of my poker game I have been trying out small changes such as completing less in the SB vs limpers. I found I was losing more money by catching a piece of the flop and having to play OOP. Another thing I have been experimenting with that I have hated for years was the blocker bet. I hated it because it always involved turning your hand face up. I have started using it on turns and river when I am super *****d against super aggro players. I like to donk the river small with the nuts and 8/10 times the player will spas raise or spas shove with air or turning hands into bluffs.

My sessions today lasted over 12 hours which is crazy. I one tabled a $2.75 deep stack from about 2pm. I ended up bubbling the FT after over 12hours of play. Absolutely gutted it was a spot I should have passed up but I ended up 4bet shoving A7o vs a manic that was going nuts on the bubble and ran into AQo. I snapped 4bet shove like it was impulse and before I realised what I did it was too late. I think I has been the angriest I have ever been with myself in terms of my poker decisions. I had to get a cold shower to cool off.

To top it off the tension around the house was pretty high the night which was really messing with my vibes. There was a bit of a debate between my mum and sister which caused tension when I was trying to concentrate on playing the last table of my session. My cat that is only a year old is on heat for her first time and the last two days we have had three male cats out the back like ninja predators just waiting all night for her. She is not neutered yet but I forget myself this morning and left the window open. That didn’t go down well with my mother. While I was on the last two tables of the $2.75 deep stack, she decided to push my bedroom window open and I don’t know if she fell or jumped but she dropped at least 30ft to the ground. I have never seen a cat drop from such a height. If it had of been my dog he would have busted his legs. I thought she was dead she defiantly lost a couple of lives tonight. I had to sit-out on my table as I ran around the streets bare footed trying to catch this cat while she was being hunted down by three hormone driven ninja cats. I couldn’t catch her and had to give up or all my days work grinding would have been for nothing.

To end on a more positive note though the bankroll is $397 which doesn’t sound good but in my eyes a breakeven day is better than a losing day. I also think I managed to drink at least 6-8 pints of water while grinding which is on power to what it should be. I reshaped my beard too. I am now rocking a cross between a full beard and a van dyke style beard. Think I have finally found my happy medium.

Alright well this is longer than I thought but today was a good tester and I learned a lot. Tomorrow I will start later with less tables and really focus on quality play over volume.

GL folks, TJ.