With less than 2 weeks left of December, I finally got around to finalising the details of the bankroll challenge I have planned for 2015. It is going to be an MTT specific challenge because they are the games I have been working on for over a year now and I feel I have a considerable edge, at least at the micro to low buy-in level.

The challenge is to try and turn a bankroll of $400 into $40,000 by the end of the calendar year.

This year I have almost accumulated 13k in online MTT cashes. That was playing in my spare time and I was not always focused on playing my A-game. So I feel if I put in more hours and work on improving my game on my down time, the 40k is not unreachable.

I decided the best way to approach the challenge is not to take as an aggressive bankroll management style as I did in my 30k challenge. So this time I think I will drop down from the 100 buy-in rule of thumb to a 200 buy-in rule of thumb. This just insures I have less of a chance of going Busto in the first week of the challenge like I did last time (Epic Fail).

In terms of preparation I have made some new adjustments to my workstation. I purchased a new mouse and keyboard, a new wall mounted white board and I am now rocking dual monitors. The white board is to keep me focused and keep track of my progress. I think it will be invaluable to have something on the wall that is reminding me of what I want to achieve. The monitors look rather funky because one is a 27 inch and the other is a 42 inch. It actually works out well because I find it difficult to play my A-game when I play more than 6 tables with 8 being my max so I like to tile six on the big screen and use the small screen to review hands and take notes on players using the replayer.

I designed some t-shirts and hoodies with my 40k challenge logo on them but they are not expected to arrive until some point in the New Year. I have also ordered Moormans new book so hopefully get reading that over Christmas at some point.

I terms of the amount of hours I will play I have a rough idea but will need to toy around and see what’s optimal for me at the start. I am not sure how my mind/body will cope but I have a rough estimate of how to start off. I plan to play either Tuesday to Sunday or Wednesday to Sunday. Using Monday as a day to recoup or put in some long review sessions. I am thinking that on Wednesday and Thursday mornings I should be working on my game either by training sites or reading some books. I will probably have a catalogue of marked hands in my HM2 to review that I could get done then. On the most profitable days like Friday to Sunday I plan to start registering from 10am to 4pm and then turbos up to 6pm. This is all subject to change but a good place to start.

I am pretty pumped for 2015 I have been thinking about the challenge constantly and have been planning for this for the last 2 months. In addition to the challenge I have some other goals for 2015. I would like to get my weight down to around 165-170 lbs again. I stopped training last year and the pounds have slowly packed on I am now close to 200 lbs. So I need to clean up my diet and try and get some exercise in a few days a week. I would also love to play my first live event but in terms of bankroll management it is not viable to play any major buy-ins of one of the tours so it would have to be a side event, maybe in the GUKPT but that would come much later in the year. And for reasons unknown to me a decided to go full “monk mode” and shaved my head for the first time. 

Actually feel a bit more refreshed and the fact I now look like a convict should keep me resisting temptation to party on the weekends and spend more time grinding (Mirin at my epic beard brah?).

So that’s the challenge. I plan to blog update every Monday morning so I will officially commence the challenge on January the 6th which is a Tuesday.

That’s all I got I hope this challenge goes better than my last one.

Good Luck at the tables and an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!