Well, Well, Well.....




It has been around 8 months since i last logged into my PSO account. Before my absence i had just released a blog about undergoing a 30K Challenge, which seemed to have been met with a reasonably positive response. I was attempting to turn $300 into 30K through MTT's by the end of the calendar year.

Needless to say the challenge did not get off to a great start. I think i dropped a 3rd of my roll during the first week and i continued to play on without adjusting my bankroll management. I refused to post a blog until i was above my initial $300 and after about 2 and a half weeks i called it quits. I never said a word to anyone i just moved on and pretended it didnt happen. I was very disappointed with myself. I am not an egotistical person but i do have high standards for myself and failing to complete that challenge, then having to blog about my failure put me out of comfort zone. It seemed the longer i left it the more apparent it became that i was not going to do it. A very childish manner to go about it needless to say. I only hope to have learned from the experience.

So on that note, I think its about time i get back on the saddle as 2015 is just over the horizon and there is no better time to start a fresh. I have a new challenge for 2015 which i hope to announce in greater detail late December.

This blog is really my way of trying to slip back into the PSO community. After scrolling down the blog page this place is just full of new faces. I have also seen some old faces too which is great. Its nice to see the PSO community is still going strong and people are still blogging after all this time. There is something rather therapeutic about blogging. There is something about writting down all the thoughts and ideas you have in your're head. It is like having an enlightening conversation with yourself and you cannot help but walk away feeling more empowered than when you first started.

Anyway, I think thats all i have to say for now but I am interested to hear of any challenges people may have planned for 2015.

Take Care, TJ