Its been a long time since i have been active in the PSO community but im back . After around 8 months off playing poker i started back about a month ago with a $33 deposit. It was really only for the free satellite tickets for the shark cage freerolls which i actually qualified for, but like most people i didnt send an audition tape. An opportunity sadley missed . Anyway i ran the $33 into $2k playing LS-MTT's so thought about doing a bankroll challenge fairly similar to that of the 100k challenge by Acoimbra. Been thinking about it for a while but the thought of failing and going bust in the first week/month kept putting me off. Since PSO is the only place i have ever blogged i thought it would be a good place to start.


The Challenge is to turn $300 into $30k through Low/Med stake MTTs by the end of the calender year.

Using the 2K i ran up in the first month i bought Holdem Manager 2 and Table Ninja 2. I also bought some MTT books including "The Raisers Edge" by Elky and also signed up to Jonathan Littles training site called Float The Turn (FTT).

The bankroll management system im using is the 100 buyin rule of thumb. Since the challenge is going to be that difficult and will take alot of volume i decided i should be playing atleast 3days a week of atleast 6hours and studying 1-2days as a general guide. But knowing me i will put in more hours than that.

Going to be a really difficult challenge and i could fail miserably but i think it will be interesting either way. If anyone is doing a challenge/has already done one or has some tips or tricks on how to complete a bankroll challenge let me know. I will  update the blog every friday.

Hope i get off to a good week , TJ.