Just shipped the $3.30 4kGtd for $750, bringing my total winings over the last 2 days to $942. This blog was created for the 4 figure pay-day and i guess you could say its completed.

Once i started getting deep in the MTT i started booming more hands because i wanted hands in my blog that people could discuss. When we got 3 handed the guy i ended up heads up with, wanted to ICM deal. However i had the chip lead and i felt i had an edge over the players i quickly declined.

Here are the hands i boomed from the MTT, I will try and list them in order from early stages to end game.


AK early on where i was able to get max value by bluff catching from a weaker player on the button.


Very Interesting squeeze hand where i 3 barrel bluff and river the nuts. The opponent shows up with an interesting hand which i think should have folded on the turn.


Isolating the LAG player in position and allowing him to barrel off


Slow playing AA preflop with a shallow stack and getting max value.


Sometimes you just have to flip for your tourny life. 18bb i have shoved twice in this position against some guy and he has folded both times. I was expecting a fold but i will take a flip with my stack.


In the end game i smooth call with AKs in position to induce a short stack shove. Love it when a plan comes together.


Allowing the LAG player to do the betting when 3 handed so you can bluff catch


Final hand where i was up against a LAG who was annoyed i wouldnt deal with him. I had to go with me gut and make the hero call on the river. Nice way to end the MTT, owning the guys soul


Thats all i got guys good luck at the tables, TJ