It seems that this month might be the month man. Coming off some nice runs in the Micro stakes MTT's,  which is great because after the last month i just had,  my bankroll needed it.


Last sunday i entered the $1.10 2.5kGT 6max and made it to the FT where i ended up finishing 6th out of 3089. I came in as the short stack and ended up shoving my 14bb stack from the CO into the KK of the BB . 6th was good for $58 so not bad.

The next run i had was last night in the $1.10 500GT 1000cap. It was in this tourny where i made a terrible ICM mistake at the final table. I was comfortable chip leader and took a flip when i didnt need too which resulted in an 8th place finish .

The final run was about 30mins ago in the $1.10 2.5kGT with 2612 enterants. I bubbled the FT when i shoved my AQ UG with 15BB into the SB's AA .

Its 5:30am where i am and im off my face on coffee so looks like some kip for me. Going to use my $109 tourny ticket i won in the PSO series tomorrow and give the big $109 80kGT when i get some rest

 I didnt BOOM any FT hands but if your enterested here are some hands i played throughout the 3 tournys which i thought somehow they where funny. Before u watch them i should point out i had really solid reads on alot of players at all my table because i cut my MTT sessions down to only 2 tables at any time. The results really showed.

GL at the tables keep tuned in for anymore cashes and deep runs PEACE!