Hi everybody I have some free time so decided to be more social and to join the great PSO community...
I'll start with how I get into poker. Sorry if my english it's not perfect. 3 and a half months ago I was checking my mail as usually when I saw a banner (not sure if it's corectly written) of Pokerstars.com telling me that I could win 1m... lol. So I went to the page, read the info, downloaded the game, made my account and started playing with play money like for 2 weeks, then I saw that there were Freerolls where you could actually win money for nothing, so I started playing at every freeroll I saw and for my surprise got lucky in some situations and began to collect pennies by pennies. While at that, I saw that it said in the pokerstars software "Poker School" so I Clicked it and discovered the fantastic PSO that have had taught me a lot so far and have helped me a lot to improve my game this last 3 months of playing seriously.  I have improved a lot my game by taking all the course par exception of the fixed-limit one which is not my game, and have read and understanded all the articles of the library and even read the books Let's Play Poker by Lee Nelson and Doyle's Brunsons Super System 2. But I have to recognize that on my path of reading and putting on practice my knowledge gathered so far by studying the game "No-limit Hold'em" (which is the only game I'd play because is the best of all) I have realized of how much there's for me to learn. 

    Getting back to when I started earning pennie by pennie at freerolls this is the continuation:  Then I joined PSO and started playing at the SKill leagues where I did quite well and met a lot of cool and nice people from all over the world (specially Canada lol)  and there was one nice pal which helped me with $4.00 for starting my bankroll. With that and like $0.87 of my Freeroll and Skill league earnings started playing at the $0.02 SNG's offered by Pokerstars where by combining my skills learnt so far plus a little of luck and nice cards I finished in 2nd once and 4th another time earning like $5.00 which left me with a bankroll of almost $10.00. I keeped playing my regular game, learning, practicing, chatting and kept my earning for like a month with no earnings no loses break-even. But on a terrible night on tilt i lost them all!!!  Lmao but at leat it taught a lot and now I don't get on tilt anymore :wink: I rebuild my bankroll to like $2.00 and started playing PLO as a recommendation from a pal to earn my 20VPP'S and played really well earned like 24 VPP's !! and recovered to a bankroll of almost $8.00 but again on a night of terrible tilt i lost it again. But believe when I say that those 2 night of tilt really taught me a lot. LOL 

Well poker fellaz, I'd better stop it here for now. Have a good night all dudes I'll see you at the tables on my way to the TOP 1500. I would like to hear from all.