Maintaning composure after a  bad beat in Pokerstars…….Its been days  trying to get atleast on the level  top 400….PSO league the BIG BANG …drowned by  failure ...Im a tight and aggressive player.....dealing with a badbeat  its very hard to maintain  the right attitude and emotions playing poker……Somehow, I always  read this and want to share it … is very important to keep your head in the game of poker to avoid doomed hand. In fact, missing one important moment can force you to hide yourself under some table obtainable around. Hilarity and uncertainty can strike in the game of poker at any given point in time, my friend. After lot many merry go round episodes, this realization has bestowed upon me that in the end this game is all about keeping a cool mind. You simply can’t ignore this fact. To play your cards right your mind needs to function precisely. Once my friend said, “In poker just functioning of mind is not enough, it has to function poker-friendly”. Although, poker is one of the most popular card games being played today, it is also one of the trickiest games to master because there is lot of bluffing involved. That being said, you can obviously estimate why many beginners are hunting for different strategies and tips in order to become shark. So that you know, the beginning has to be with an ice cool mind. There will be times that you will make a really big bluff and you won’t get called. Your hopes for some value in your hand will go in vain. Your opponent will simply refuse to raise you and will appear like one annoying mosquito to you. There will be so many nerve-wracking decisions to take and so many gut calls to response to. In such situations all you need to have is a calm mind and a controlled breath. Most importantly go easy on alcohol. It is very common for people to have drinks for relaxation. I never believed in “just two drinks” concepts. Once you get the hit , you and your mind both goes for a toss. This on the poker table is a dangerous thing to happen because you won’t be able to keep your mind alert. It is very important to stay alarmed to calculate the likelihood, to know whether it would be best to keep on playing, fold, or raise the stakes, especially since some poker games can last long into the night. So basically,my whole point was to try my hands at convincing you so that you really really think before grabbing that drink. Alcohol always doesn't give you a good high, you see.
Moreover, playing while you are frustrated, depressed or having a really bad day would affect your judgement on how you play your cards. The other player would sense this straight away and would see this as an panorama to use this for their benefit.
So use lot of relaxation techniques on the table.Work on distraction-free mind. Figure out your right frame of mind in which you act aptly and unfaltering to win. Your right frame of mind will help you in focusing on the task and minor problems, distractions or setbacks won’t discourage you.
Listen to music and soothe your mind. Imagine yourself breathing blue color of ocean and green color of dense forests. Don’t let the noise take a toll over your nerves. Block out the excess noise. Your cool mind will then do the rest of the talking on the table with the cards and opponents.