Here's part 2 of my session video and the key hands that follow:



The raise on the right with the KQJ8 is a spot where i will raise, even without nut flush draws, but it cannot stand a reraise because its dominated by reraise ranges (AKxx, etc.)....but I ususally will raise three rundowns with a good flush draw because they can flop so well. Alright, that was a little disclaimer about this raise, I will try to give some more of these situations where I raise.

Hand 1 (0:20, left table) Qd10d9hJc: Most four rundowns deserve a raise because I can rep so many hands post flop and they can flop so many straight draws, especially with high broadway cards that may hit alot of hands. With the limp UTG and the min raise CO, this is a perfect time to make a raise given my position and hand strength, but I don't repot here incase castro wants to 4-bet with AAxx. All calls, flop is 8d6d5c, an extremely draw heavy board and the SB shorty shoves. His range here is so wide I feel like I can call wide. The 2 callers of his raise may be thinking the same thing and call. A lot of turn cards help me here, off suit 7 for the nuts or any 9 10 j or q gives me a wrap draw on the turn. As well, the diamonds could be live but it seems unlikely. I'm calling 2.35 to win almost 16, almost 8 to 1 so I peel one off with a good chance to improve. Of course, that all goes for nothing with the 8 on the turn and a pair up, no point in bluffing the turn with an all in player. Offsuit 4 on the river and its a loss. Another common situation in omaha, a hand so pretty preflop that snap whiffs and you shake your head. But you see the shorty shoved with 10109k, no diamond with an over pair and a gut he was extremmmmmmmely wide here. I wanted to know what they all called with, an overpair with an inferior flush draw and bottom two pair with a backdoor club draw....welcome to 25PLO....ugh.

Hand 2 (1:45, right table) Ah4hJdKd: CO with a standard 3x raise preflop, this feels like a good 3 bet hand, especially with a nut draw and lots of straight draws. CO calls and the flop is K67 all black, 2 spades. He checks to me and this is a terrible flop for my hand, I have a pretty high cbet percentage but I wont do it every board because if I get checked raised, I have to fold here. Turn is offsuit 5, putting a three card straight out, and he bets 1/3 pot. I was gonna fold here, but I feel like his bet is a little weak and I can steal it with a few cards on the river. He will not believe I did not c-bet a flush draw, but i could check the flop with like 91010j or some other draws so I float here. The river seems beautiful with another offsuit 8 but he bets 2/3 pot, seemingly unafraid of that river and my read was wrong, he must have had the straight and I fold. The check-raise here seems extremely risky and would not make much to him probably, as he most likely makes crying calls with all straights here, maybe thinking im betting the same hand or a worst one. Just a bad read or a good play by him.

Hand 3 (3:19, left table) Ah7h3dQd: UTG 3x raise, UTG+1 flats, this is a loose defend at best from my position, I have only the one nut flush draw and 2 cards connected for some straight draws, but this probably should be a fold. But I am playing because my mark is in the pot, Akella, so I call. I have about 100 hands with Akella in my database and they like to bluff a lot, they have only won 18% at showdown. Flop is A65, two diamonds, our flush draw is almost certainly good and with have a weak straight draw. OR checks and Akella bets 1.50. I call with a lot of potential and the OR folds. Now im 99% sure the flush is good. Turn is a an offsuit 2 and check and Akella bets 3.50. This is now one of these screw the math moves and play the player. Akella has shown strength here by donking the flop and betting the turn, but his bet sizing seems off. If he had a real strong hand, like a set here, he would want me to pay for my flush draw by full potting it on the turn at least. As well, i could easily have a small wrap here with 3456 and was calling down to see if Akella has it. However, given their tendency bluff, I make a read that he is not strong here and semi bluff raise to 10.75. Akella starts to tank here and I feel like he's always folding now which he does in the end. Sometimes, I make the play based on the player and sometimes the stats alone, but here was a case I used both to make a decision that proved correct.

Hand 4 (4:45, left table) 10d10hQs8d: Positional raise against a big stacked player, just trying to play my position here with a semi rundown hand and flush and pair draws. Flopped middle set on a monotone board. Check to see what he does, when he checks blank turn, I assume that 99% of the time I am ahead here so I bet and take it down. I try to make a lot of positional raises with both medium and strong hands to vary my range that my opponent sees to make me more difficult to play against.

Note: Whiffing AKQJ double suited on a low rainbow board sucks, but I am not cbetting even with such a pretty hand because if he calls, I only have runners or have to 3 barrel bluff him when he could a bunch of hands that improve with a lot of turn cards. I probably would CBet in position but not in this case.

Hand 5 (5:40, right table) Kc8s7h10h: This is what I call mini tilt, playing a bad hand when I whiff a good hand. However, we are in position here so we can float a lot of flops here. We flop top pair and 2 low spades come out, after BB checks, standard Cbet by OR. These are the types of situations where I love to float in position, because we can win the pot three ways. One, we can make two pair or something better and actually have the best hand. Two, we can bluff lots of scary turns that look like they hit our range and make our opponent feel like puking and then folding. Or three, our opponent checks to us and gives up control of the pot to us, where we can make a bet and assume control. After the BB folds, we get a semi-scary 4 on the turn and our opponent snap checks, which could either mean super strength or super weakness. I believe he is weak here and bet, and he snap folds. Ah...the beauty of position in omaha....its a good thing.

Hand 6 (6:55, right table) 7c9c9dJs: Weird spot here, we get an UTG limp and we are UTG+1. With better position, I am probably raising here but with such a nice connected hand with a pair and a flush draw, I make a rare limp. I will limp some pots, depending on the action in front and the strength of my hand. Is it the optimal play...probably not...but it did save me some money in the long run. Anyways, we go 5 ways to see a jack high flop, which gets checked around and another jack peels off, putting a heart draw out there. The SB bets out under half pot and the original UTG limper calls. I probably can fold here on the turn, especially with our kicker problems, but the fact that we have two unders on the board to our kickers means the 3 7s and the 2 9s give us the huts. However, looking back on this, it feels like I make more of a crying, speculative call here without the proper odds to draw to a better full house, so I probably should have folded. River is terrible and I check it down and lose to a better jack. It appears with the call by the OL (original limper), I should have folded here and I was right, could have saved 50 cents...

Hand 7 (8:10, left table) AcAhJc10c: Good aces here, although the third club is disappointing. Get a UTG pot raise and I call, hoping someone raises behind but no one does and the flop comes 45K rainbow. He bets out extremely small here, less than the OR, either milkly or nothing so I flat. Turn is a 9 and he bets a second time, this could be two pair or a king that now has picked up a straight draw, I could reraise here but I have to fold to a reraise so I again flat. River is another 9 and he bets out again, they dont seem afraid of the 9 but all the straight draws missed and I feel like people are going to value hands like AKxx here as much as full houses or trips. As well, he might be trying to get me off some two pair hands that got counterfeited or draws that i missed with this board, so he can be value betting lighter than usual here. All in all, its a standard call and he has the AKJ10 that hit a gutter on the turn. I played my aces soft and got payed with worse, thats all I want.

Note: As you see, when aces whiff like on the right...and you are facing a donk bet with one pair and backdoors, its hard to justify three calls here so I dump them with so many bad turn cards that could come, plus they are so short that its not worth it to draw.

Hand 8 (11:40, left table) AdAs5d9c: Okay aces with one suit, UTG raises that we flat hoping for a reraise but only the BB calls. Flop is 953 and we hit top two the hard way. My opponents are pretty deep here, and the OR makes a standard CBet here. As you see, I was debating just a flat here, but I choose to raise because I dont want hands like a 9 with overs or a higher pair to see a cheap turn where they can hit a set or two better par. As well, we are polarizing our range here and are trying to show them that we mean business. Now, if he has a wrap draw or a set, he will repop us here. But the raise seems to not only define our hand, but the strength of his hand as well, that could help us make a better decision. Although, he just folds here and we take a pot the hard way with aces.

Hand 9 (11:50, right table) 6d7d8h10h: A very nice double suited rundown one gapper here, definitely good enough to see a raise here, but the BB has other ideas and repops it here. With the OR just flatting here, I can make the assumption they do not have aces, unless they are trying to level us for a reraise. We must call 3.40 to win 14 dollars, without knowing what the SB is going to do. Our hand is very good against high, and we even have 38% equity against akak double in our suits, and we also have to inlcude the value of position where we can bet a lot of low rainbow boards that do not seem to connect with such action and probably take it down. All of this combined means I flat the three bet. Of course, then the SB 4Bets pot and reveals that they seem to play aces like I play aces, and with the 5bet all in by the BB, now we are gambling for stacks. But what if they both have aces, can we make the call here... Unbelieveably, if we give them AAKQ double and AAJ10 double, we are a statistical favourite in the hand. However, it is unlikely that we are in such an amazing spot where almost all our straight draws are good here, and the value of position has been removed from the hand with the all-in preflop so I elect to lick my wounds and fold here. Of course, you can see my displeasure in the chat box over this hand...but of course I had to go back and see what they actually had. In the hand history, we have AhQh5sAc versus KsQdJsJc and if we run it through the odds calculator, we get this...

Cards              Win          % Win   Lose       % Lose   Tie   % Tie
Ks Js Jc Qd   188,718   28.68   468,588   71.21     702   0.11
7d 6d Th 8h   229,259   34.84   428,749   65.16     0        0.00
5s Ac Ah Qh   239,329   36.37   417,977   63.52     702   0.11

So its close....but its still a gamble...but if you look at that first board, you can tell right where I puked.....all over the

Suffice to say, I didnt want to play anymore after seeing that so that was the end of the session. What would you do in that last hand, would you call or would you fold....questions abound. I hope to focus on SNGs for the time being and try to grind those out and will have some more theory blogs out later, as well as more session review videos. Hopefully, get some SNG videos soon. Until then, have a good one.

In Omaha We Trust