Hello, Guys. Good evening all.

I want to tell you a bit about my best moment of playing in the Poker Stars tournaments so far. That is in order to win some World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (WBCOOP) tickets.

I guess the best moment of all is finishing second (2nd) in the Poker School Open Skill League tournament, a few months ago. Of Course, I only won 1.02 US dollars - while first place (1st) took home about 5.60 US dollars - but please notice that 10,000(!) players heve been enrolled fo this tournament, which means that I beated 9,998 of them. The very small payroll is because the Poker School Open Skill League tournament is a freeroll tournament, with a slow speed of level blind increasing, every 10 minutes, with no re buys or add-ons. Most players, if not all of them, are amateur players). 

And what is the coolest, in my opinion, that I was doing that and playing the last two and a half hours of the tournament while watching a motion picture in tv (Battleship, but that is unimportant, I just want to fill some more words to reach 500 words... '- ). I truly think that if I was playing with absolute concetration and focus, and not with nervous and time-shortage, I had probably won the all thing. I try to remember, and I think that I started the Final Table in sixth (6th) or seventh (7th) place, and througe some smart all in callings and raising, I was able to move up and eliminate the other rivals.

The whole thing was very cool and unfamiliar for me. For example, after making it to the final table, the all design of the table theme has changed to a bright halo, and on the table it said: Final Table. Really nice, that was my first final table in Poker Stars (But not the last..).

In addition, coming to second place out of 10,000 players (though amateur players) had prooved me the that I can advance and win some bigger money in regular tournaments, satellite tournaments and Sit and Go tournaments. Therefore, I started to register and  play in such tournaments with my winning money of freerolls tournaments,  but so far with no significant outcome. That is becuse in this tournaments, the majority of the players have "deep pockets", and re buying chips in every tournaments for dozens of time. Therefore, they calling all in and raising with pretty much every hand - even like 7 4 off suit or 9 2 suited.

Since then, I managed to get to the final table 3-4 times more, also in freeroll tournaments, but with less players that enrolled - between 990 to several hundreds. However, I have never won the first place (1st) so far, but I sure this day will come too.

So, In conclusion, this is the first time for me making it to the Final table, taking the second place (2nd) and winning sone nice money (above 1 dollar and not few cents), which allowed mw to buy in and register a real money tournamet.