I managed to watch the lesson video called "Master Class", by the pro player Joe Hachem.

In my personal opinion, Joe hachem is a great player, who succeeded to win the World Series of Poker Main event in 2005.

This video, in specific, demonstrates the huge pressure that Hachem had during the tournament, and in the victorious last hand.

 He also speaks there about the things that separates him and other pro players to regular pepole.

He didn't mention it, but I also watched him in TV playing High stakes games with all the great names today - Phil Ivey, Kid Poker, Tom Dwan, Branson, Barry G. and so much more, and I must say that he plays with big calmness and thinking, not rushing to raise and re-raise All-IN.

Yet, he knows when to bluff and when to pass and fold his inferior hand. No wonder he won so much prizes and cached in World Poker Tour and World Series Of Poker tournaments.

People even hate him for not paying the taxes for his winnings 

to the United States Government (because he is from Australia).

I did enjoy that video, and hope that many other users will find it usefull as well.