Hello fellow Gamblers

This is my first blog ever so forgive me if I make mistakes any feed back is welcome.

 I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with the poker school aspect of Poker Stars.  The skills I'm learning here are making all the difference in my game.  Especially in the SNG area.  I rarely finish under 3rd place anymore and that is very cool.  It is also a direct link to what I'm learning here.

I also started playing in more women only games and am improving there as well..........alas no wins there but moving up the ranks slowly but surely and there are some great female players out there.  I come from a small town where women are not supposed to know how to kick butt at poker much less get invited to play  home games lol, so it it's wonderful to have somewhere to go where it is not only acceptable and encouraged not to mention competitive.  Extra bonus is the lovely group of ladies.

Cheers :lol: